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Laser wrinkle postoperative care

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Laser wrinkle in the beauty industry is currently very popular, laser wrinkle adaptive, and Beijing, intelligent and strong three major advantages, now many people know the beauty of this technology. Laser wrinkle can effectively change the color of various skin problems, Huan wake up the vitality of skin cells, for the few portions of the surgery for fear of people, this is a big happy event, it can be done wrinkle rejuvenation, and will not produce pain feeling, so very popular. But after laser wrinkle surgery is completed, should pay attention to skin care, so as to achieve the best lifting effect.
1, after 1 to 2 weeks there will be wound exudate, should be prescribed the use of some anti-infection of oral and external use.
2, in order to avoid infection, antiviral drugs can be administered orally, broad-spectrum antibiotics and antifungal agents.
3, to relieve pain. To ease the pain immediately after surgery, can be soaked with 2% lidocaine topical gauze, do not arbitrarily painkillers.
4, wound healing within a few weeks to several months, the treatment of localized erythema, erythema subsided, some patients have pigmentation.
5, eliminate edema. If the patient rhytidectomy that is found to have significant edema, postoperative dexamethasone 10mg, may be short-term oral corticosteroids reduce postoperative swelling.
6, pigmentation, usually within 3 to 9 months can be dissipated, a few up to 1--2 years, it should be noted that the laser treatment after dark and use some prescribed vitamin A acid, hydroquinone cream, anti-light like drugs, minimize pigmentation. Share Optoelectronics Technology from China.
7, good wound management. At home and abroad in the postoperative multi-use biological synthetic semipermeable dressing or traditional dressings reduce postoperative symptoms, known as closed-end mode. It can also be simply topical antibiotic ointment, called open-therapy. Regardless of the way, we should have good absorption of wound exudate and moisturizing effect, to make quicker wound healing, and postoperative pain relief. Amy we should choose to use a closed or open approach depending on the circumstances.

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