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Laser wrinkle facial skin will not hurt?

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Wrinkles are beautiful enemy. In plastic surgery developed today, there are many who will choose the beauty wrinkles wrinkles, and wrinkles method chosen by a majority of beauty is laser wrinkle. Maybe a lot of friends in advance to enjoy the beauty of laser wrinkle benefits, but there are some friends worry will hurt laser wrinkle facial skin. Then laser wrinkle facial skin will not hurt it?
What range of laser wrinkle treatment?
Laser helps the skin to produce collagen, to fill sunken wrinkles, it also keep your skin smooth and tight material. So the light pattern (for example, crow's feet and the mouth of the shallow groove) is particularly effective, but if too deep or deeper wrinkles, the effect is not very obvious, because deep wrinkles, there is no collagen, after the laser did not find filling dents material. In addition, laser treatment also applies to acne scars, age spots, actinic keratosis, epidermal nevus, rhinophyma and a variety of smaller benign skin neoplasm and the like.
Laser wrinkle safe? It will hurt the skin?
Experts, since each laser treatment only the skin surface of the skin by a certain percentage of the treatment, retains some laser effects were not part of the bridge part of the skin will play the same role, communicate with each other, so that the skin is still receiving treatment able to accept nutrition, maintain flexibility, so professional laser resurfacing treatment is relatively safe and comfortable, and the healing time is fast, low risk, short downtime, so many people call "weekend treat." But to ensure the safety of laser wrinkle, we must let professional doctors for treatment, otherwise, there will be the following cases:
1, superficial scars: It may be due to treatment overdose or repeated irradiation treatment area, cooling the head temperature is too high and not enough to cool the skin after improper self-care, timely treatment was found to be scar.
2 infection: After treatment, the wound as a result of rupture or scratching dip water pollution erythema exudate. Once infection occurs, medical attention as soon as possible, in order to promote wound healing as soon as possible, but may be left superficial scar after healing.
3, itching: rare, it may mean wound healing, but also to guard against the possibility of infection.
To remind the United States who want to make sure that no harm cosmetic laser wrinkle facial skin, you should choose a professional plastic body treatment, only to ensure the effectiveness and safety.

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