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Female facial pigmentation species

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Various facial pigmentation treatment, the key is to distinguish between a variety of spots, select the appropriate method of treatment, inappropriate treatment will add to the stain. Clinically often see some serious skin disorders caused due to misuse combat confusion, even irreversible spots and pigmentation. So how do you distinguish between a variety of spots it?
Congenital pigmentation
First to introduce a congenital pigmentation that civil commonly known as birthmarks, and mainly Ota coffee spot.
Ota: occurs to one's facial skin disease, more women see as a gray or dark gray stain films, the majority of people at birth exists, few people can incidence of less than 20 years old.
Treatment: Currently Ota laser has become the preferred treatment, the effect is good.
Coffee spots: the color was brown, spot boundaries clear, this birthmark can appear in any part of the body.
Treatment: Currently, laser treatment can be used, but the effect is not sure, but also may recur, a large area of ​​the lesion is best to do first experimental treatment.
Acquired pigmentation
More stain and ultraviolet sunlight damage acquired after birth have a certain relationship, the most common are freckles, solar lentigines and age spots, melasma and followed by blue brown spots.
Freckles: occurred in the exposed parts of the face, worse after sun exposure, expressed as light or dark brown pigment spots, typically 1-2 mm in size.
Treatment: Laser treatment can be used with good results, minor lesions accepts IPL treatment also achieve better results.
Solar lentigines: due to the sun's ultraviolet radiation on the skin damage caused. The performance of facial sizes, different shades of brown isolated spots, the diameter of generally not more than 1.5-2cm, but also showed scattered in small stain, stain, smooth surface, no higher than the leather.
Treatment: Laser treatment effect is good, for the scattered small spots, with the effect of IPL treatment is also very good.
Senile plaques: ie seborrheic keratosis, mostly occurs after age 35, the face, neck, terms, and other parts of the trunk, appears isolated in one or a few scattered distribution of rash, rash slightly higher than the leather, flat surface slightly rough, may have greasy scales, dull, yellowish-brown or gray-black.
Treatment: The laser treatment usually does not scar.
Brown Bleu: gray and black point mainly for zygomatic symmetrical sheet-like spots, relatively clear boundary, melanin located in the dermis, and Ota somewhat similar.
Treatment: Laser treatment is ideal.
Melasma: it is the most difficult to treat skin pigmentation, facial appear yellow brown or dark brown stain films, according to their shape, also known as "melasma." The vast majority in the incidence in young women, is common in pregnancy or with the female reproductive system disorders and the like.
Distribution of lesions in the face of the zygomatic, cheek, forehead, nose, around the eyes, chin and other, longer duration, slow development, aggravation after sun exposure.
Treatment: The most effective way is by Oral treatment simultaneously. At present, non-ablative laser treatment to alleviate pigmentation, with the need to adjust the traditional Chinese medicine and its own way of life.
Stain occurred early treatment
Selecting doctors caution against injury
In front of some common congenital and acquired facial pigmentation, but there are many spots on the incidence of clinical course of time, coupled with patients after long-term treatment and application of a variety of skin care products, making the stain becomes not typical, diagnosis and treatment more complicated. Due to the occurrence of more or less acquired pigmentation and sun damage related, so sunscreen is key to the prevention of all kinds of stains occur if the stain has occurred to early treatment, but must be careful, you should choose a regular medical facility for treatment , so as not to aggravate the disease, and even lead to irreversible damage.

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