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How different skin remover

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Cleansing is an important step to clean, how do makeup? Different skin cleansing methods, what does? Here's a look at the different laws of different skin make-up remover.
Clean skin care foundation. Ms. while doing skin care, the importance of clean makeup is often overlooked, not knowing all the nutrients to exert their effects, must be entered into and thoroughly clean the pores of dirt hinder deep skin tissue.
Cleansing the narrow sense refers to the general cleaning supplies. The effect is limited to the surface of the skin, can not enter the interior thoroughly cleaned. For professional in terms of beauty, Cleansing has a broader meaning,
It is not only the surface of the skin to remove makeup, dirt in the hair follicle, and pH balance of the skin, the stratum corneum to soften, and the ability to increase metabolism. In the professional beauty salons, makeup and cleaning is carried out separately. Of heavy makeup of the people, it should first make-up remover, namely: eyebrows, eyes, lips and cheeks on both sides makeup clean. Then after cleanser cream or other specialized cleaning products to clean a large area of ​​the face.
When cleaning with both hands from the forehead down, followed by a circular motion to the neck. Because facial hair is a 45-degree angle down the growth of hair on the chin 60 degrees downward growth. Cleaning a deeper circular motion to clean deep pores. Northern and hard water is alkaline, so the final step in cleaning up remover - rinse time should also be careful not to let the water in direct contact with the skin, used towels, wash flutter and other items in the clean water, gently wipe the face. So repeatedly, preferably with warm water flows. Doing so causes the pH balance of the skin cleanser in the ingredients is not destroyed.
Here the different nature of skin cleansing Cleansing methods described below:
Dried aging skin
After aging for drier skin, use a cleansing cream with high content of vitamin vegetable oil made of, can dry skin Cleansing, moisturizing the skin surface protective film; then use Lotion makes the skin soft, balanced and moisture. When do cleaning, you should pay attention to hand obliquely upward circular motion, and kept pulling each action have played the role. Avoid circular motion down, so as not to have aging skin is more relaxed. Cleanser, nutrition, water containing collagen is dried aging skin product of choice.
Dry skin
Dry skin type should use high hydrophilicity containing moisturizing factor, oil-free clean milk can be gently and thoroughly clean the skin, the skin will not clean after the loss of too much water. Clean water after use balanced nutrition, can balance the skin, reduce dark spots. Chosen moisturizing cream should be shaped.
Oily Skin
Oily, acne skin type is often the most common skin subtropical regions, especially young people who belong to this type of skin is more. Cleansing products should be used to clean milk contains anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antiseptic ingredients thoroughly remove skin dirt, then use water conditioning shrink large pores, the pores of sebum in order to avoid congestion and dilated thick phenomenon.
Do not reach for the convergence of short-term anti-inflammatory effect or choose to use alcohol or other high volatile matter content of the product, but the formation of the skin so as not to dry, peeling, wounds difficult to recover, triggering allergic reactions. Clean sensitive skin is particularly important. Sensitive skin products should be more careful, the product absolutely free love wine, flavors, colors, use a mild, with a slight anti-inflammatory, and high stability, can be fortified water capillary wall, and can calm appease its skin excitement disturbing phenomenon.
Sensitive skin clean time not too long, otherwise it would be easy to red skin pain. Whether beauty salons care or home care, a program for each sensitive skin should be more gentle, and the time is not too long, because every one of your actions on sensitive skin will be a threat. Go for professional cleaning cuticle skin thoroughly clean is very important.
Professional beauty salons have a variety of different skin exfoliating products can be broadly divided into three types: one is dead skin cream for combination skin and any skin insensitive and confusion. I use once every 7 days, skin hand fixed at one end in one hand and obliquely upward Qingcuo, then rinse water can shoot nutrition. The second category of products for the skin renewal, such products irritation, apply to serious aging skin and sensitive skin. To like mask painted on his face as 8-10 minutes time, then wash with water. There is also a scrub oily skin, it can inhibit oil secretion, clean the hair follicles, which more men and women use the rough skin. It should be used with topical use, local cleaning, so products for skin irritation larger.

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