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Men should be how to care for large pores

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With age, more and more large pores is not to make you worry and feel uncomfortable? Determined to want to lower maintenance, but also worry about what others will say you are too motherfucker. I began to feel that the more coarse pores, the more it can highlight your machismo. This idea is totally unacceptable.
Why do large pores? Dirt clog pores, causing the pores to expand epidermal basal layer of skin cells constantly manufactured and transported to the top, until after the cell aging, usually fall off naturally. However, blocking the pores, skin metabolism is not well, you can not come off as scheduled, causing the pores to expand.
Loose skin aging caused by coarse pores with increasing age, blood circulation is not smooth and gradual, the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin and thus also easy to relax, lack of flexibility, if we do not give the proper maintenance and care, the benefits of accelerated aging shaped capillary hole naturally increasingly expanded.
Special Note: Smoking is one of the reasons causing large pores, and when you enjoy the smug feeling of puff cigarettes makes you vasoconstriction, blood circulation slows down, nutrients can not successfully reach the skin cells, then dry, aging both early report, the natural sagging facial lines, pores stretch.
Squeeze pimples, acne caused by excessive stimulation of sebum capsule if excessive accumulation of sebum, while the pores when they blocked by dirt, prone to pyogenic bacteria, easy to inflammation of hair follicles, resulting in acne, pimples longer the more. If we over-squeezing pimples, acne, causing skin breakdown, once the damage to the dermis, and its lack of skin regeneration, it is difficult to produce new cells, it will leave a scar bump, making the pores become coarse. Apply considerable irritation of cosmetic creams and long-term drug use or strong convergence lotion, cream strong medicine, anti-inflammatory water, blocking the pores will be more severe, fat excretion does not come out, such as sterilization and then lack proper care, will increasingly the more severe, the pores will be more expanded.
Special Note: oil more than one, you can not help but come up with a deep cleansing mask, but beware. A lot of deep pore mask first stretch, in order to penetrate into pores of the oil and dirt out. Therefore, we must remember that after "convergence." Natural coarse pores (sebum secretion particularly strong) special oily skin, oily secretion is very strong, coarse pores will be relatively few, most confined to the nasal weeks, chin, forehead area, but these places are most likely acne, such pores due to physical relations caused by thick, must pay attention to cleaning, maintenance, otherwise clog the pores of sebum and dead cells, the more the pores become increasingly expanded and increased with age, the relaxation, the situation will be aging faster.
Moderate alcohol drinking can indeed accelerate blood circulation, so ruddy. But alcohol work, also will open the pores, plus drinking likely to cause swelling of the body, the pores naturally and then the inevitable distraction. So, look at the beautiful parts, wine, and occasionally small sip to do.

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