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Men must use water to wash it?

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Men's Skin Care not pay much attention to women, many men at most, in the face after the morning rub skin cream, this is considered a "skin up" the. Even his face greasy, men mostly do not care about the long run a lot of people's skin will become worse and worse.
For men, to keep the face clean almost daily, and where there even coating applied to wipe skin care effort? Then add a little water in the wash, "feed" it.
1, "saline" plus beer
Beer contains vitamins and minerals, can shrink pores, moisturize the skin.
The crowd: dry, lack luster skin tones.
Plus "material" approach: to wash with warm water and add 50 to 80 ml of fresh beer, first for attaining a wash for the face.
2, "computer" plus green tea
There is an acknowledged anti-radiation function of green tea, because it contains more polyphenols, anti-oxidation, anti-aging function commendable.
The crowd: often people who work at the computer.
Plus "material" approach: green tea with plenty of warm water, cooling water, etc., the wash water with green tea.
Men must use water to wash it
3, Garmisch vinegar for oily skin wash
Can inhibit the growth of skin bacteria vinegar can soften the cuticle men uneven thickness, so that the pores open, preventing clogged pores due to the formation of acne.
The crowd: oily skin, facial skin thicker horny people.
Plus "material" approach: the dropping of the 7 to 10 drops of vinegar in the wash water wash.
4, 'acne face "add sugar
Sugar not only eat, but also can be used to wash acne India it!
Plus "material": After facial wash, rub with a small amount of sugar, mixing with water, then knead wash unit for 1 minute, rinse.

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