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Female beauty can not be deposited mask every day

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Mask is many people's favorite skin care products, whether it is whitening, moisturizing or Acne Blemish, mask type and efficacy are complete, which makes more and more people to join the army in the mask came. Then, the mask is not have to use it every day? How often do you want to mask will have a better effect?
Routine care
The normal frequency of use in the general mask twice a week or so.
Special case
Mask the use of different types of frequencies are different. Because different types of ingredients which mask is different. It can not be generalized. Generally speaking class natural hydrating mask the use of high frequency can be put, but like cleansing mask can not do every day, once a week on it.
Strengthening effect
How often the best beauty mask? If it is the need to strengthen certain effects, such as whitening mask can even apply seven days in the first week, and then from the second week, and then apply 2 to 3 times a week can be.
Skincare Mistakes do not effect the mask can not do every day
Deposition mask time
Night skin beauty "prime time", when skin cells more active, stronger metabolism, can make the mask or other skin care products beauty essence more fully effective, so that the skin greater improvement. So do the mask at night is the best choice.
How sensitive skin
Sensitive skin exfoliating mask to be used frequently, otherwise there is the risk of injury to the skin tissue. Oily skin does not mean that the skin does not "thirsty", regularly get moderate skin moisturizing care as necessary.
How to choose Mask
When choosing a certain mask based on their skin type, choose the desired effect their current skin condition. For mask ingredients, but also to determine the considerations stated in the mask before use and strictly follow the instructions to choose to use. Whether it is dry, oily, combination skin, or sensitive skin, only the election of a suitable mask can be allowed to play the best results.

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