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Women laser freckle how many times?

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-03
Require several laser freckle
In general, laser freckle generally require several treatment clinic is able to suggest the best within a suitable interval there is continuous to do five times, once a month, skin growth cycle is 28 days, each photon done freckle skin needs after a process of absorption and regeneration, a laser freckle approximately every 20 minutes; in general this can be healed after treatment, surgery done sunscreen, moisturizer and maintenance.
First, the laser speckle to how many times a good effect for the United States and the circumstances of the individual. Laser to spot removers requires a certain process, and specific treatment of number of times you need to spot the area to determine the color depth. The United States who face spot area, the color depth, the more the required number of treatment; on the contrary, the United States who face a small spot size, light in color, the treatment times less.
Second, how many times a laser speckle effect and hospital selection. Different hospitals, during the laser speckle treatment, technology and equipment used by different physicians have strength there are differences, so, plaque removal can reach the final will have a different, resulting in the desired number of laser treatment appears difference.
Third, how many times to good effect laser speckle and postoperative care about. Post-operative care is done well, it is possible to make the laser spot removers full effect, so that a single treatment to achieve the best, so it is possible to effectively reduce the amount of the total number of laser speckle treatment.

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