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Mesotherapy wrinkle what you need to prepare?

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-03
Mesotherapy, non-invasive, surgery-free, no anesthesia and recovery without safety treatment, Mesotherapy treatment has an immediate firming effect and long-term nature of collagen regeneration two functions that take advantage of the dermis collagen at 45-60 degrees Celsius, will produce immediate contraction characteristics, using electromagnetic resistance Lido role in the formation of the skin to produce heat and energy directly to the skin deep, direct role in the dermis, let loose skin treatment after immediately felt up Lahti, tight lift effect, and since the surface of the cooling system is maintained at -26 ° C, after treatment, the skin is not inflamed, but at the time makeup. So even busy professionals can also take advantage of a short lunch break time to accept ice Mesotherapy treatment.
1, tighten and lift the skin: as pulling drooping eyelids, sagging chin.
2, to improve pie face, baby fat: compact face, eliminating the need for liposuction, and apparently younger.
3, correction turkey neck, double chin: use Mesotherapy can be removed from the knife, you can easily restore slender neck.
4, improve skin wrinkles: eliminate all kinds of fine lines, directly to the skin taut. Eliminate forehead, cheeks, facial, jaw and other parts of the fine lines.
5, tighten and improve sagging skin. Such as pulling drooping eyelids, sagging chin, your eyes become large and God, so that more three-dimensional facial lines;
6, removing the butterfly sleeves, cellulite: Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment butterfly sleeves and excellent results can be effectively modified arm curve.
7, eliminate all kinds of fine lines, directly to the skin taut. Effectively eliminate the forehead, cheeks, facial, jaw and other parts of the wrinkles; the skin lies flat and smooth;
8, change bucket waist: to remove stretch marks, improve the slack side of the meat.
9, repair stretch marks, anti-aging body. Improve the skin's metabolism, back to tighten modification, Munakata adjustment mention waist weeks shaping, improve the face, buttocks shaped leg shape.

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