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What are the symptoms of aging has begun showing a man?

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The quality of people is skin with internal health of a relationship, sometimes bad for your skin, your skin is not the right way, but you're really getting old. So, those who represent the phenomenon of aging men have started it?
Hair Loss
Tip: Go to the cause of the peak period, mental and psychological pressure increases, causing endocrine disorders and blood circulation, causing hair loss, hair thinning gradually.
Hearing loss
Tip: inner ear nerve blood circulation is not good, there will be hearing a downward trend. In addition, the noise of the city, while teenagers and fond of wearing a Walkman, young people in the possible extent of damage to hearing feeling is not obvious, but after about 30 years of age will be able to clearly feel hearing loss damage.
Reduce sex drive
Tips: 30-year-old man sexuality reasons for the decline from psychological, physical aspects, psychological fatigue, mental stress is too large, decrease androgen levels physical, poor blood circulation, will bring erectile dysfunction.
Dirty teeth
Tip: Men 30 years of age is easy to dirty teeth, and do not pay attention to oral health. If the posture is not correct brushing, brush your teeth is not complete, people will gradually shrink gums, wider teeth, tartar and increased deposition in the teeth and gums around the plaque becomes active, poor oral hygiene. Therefore, you should brush your teeth morning and evening after brushing the correct posture to every meal.
Tip: 30 year old man in work or life, if always lack of energy, listlessness, may be large or endocrine changes caused by psychological stress. This shows that androgen levels have dropped.
Visually impaired
Tip: Exclude the eye itself, which shows blood vessel disorder appear. It makes the blood circulation is affected, causing metabolic disorder of the optic nerve, causing vision loss.

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