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Large pores how to do?

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Most people do not think it can not make up remover, but is not the case, the outside air pollution, vehicle exhaust and dust and the like also can lead to clogged pores we airtight caused large pores yo! So whether you are without makeup be sure to makeup, eye makeup can be divided lips and face, large pores of the people would be better to separate recommendations.
To choose the right makeup products
Pores suggested eye lip makeup product mix of water and oil, so you can easily remove eye makeup and lipstick, but also not too greasy. Grease general pores of the face will be more people, in fact, Eye and Lip Makeup Remover also can be used on the face, you can use a simple solution to remove face makeup, makeup remover must be unloaded onto the cotton is clean ensure that unloading clean.
To wash appropriate
Most people think longer face more washing more clean, not really, and wash your face to control the appropriate time, in order to face the best time, not more than one minute in a minute, because the pores can lead to excessive man cleaning the pores to the greater cause will lead to more acne.
To choose the right face wash products
Large pores in the choice of people who try to choose clean and strong facial cleanser when a little, so that dirt and grease effectively clean the pores of the skin, but if there are large pores acne should choose a little mild acne because of muscle It is not suitable for cleaning cleanser too strong to stimulate the skin.
Do not forget to clean the pores
Remove the surface dirt, we have to clean the pores of dirt it, a lot of people think that cleansing mask a lot of trouble, but also painted to clean, his face still gooey, I felt no need to do, but one week twice a cleaning mask is essential yo!
Cleaning step to keep track
After we clean the face, be sure to rub lotion mask before cleaning, so as not to face tight fine lines, there is little to do when the face mask not to appear too much action, in order to avoid wrinkles, the best comfortable lying is time to enjoy the mask. Do not forget to clean.
I remember the ground water
Cleaning the water must remember that many people go directly to the rest After cleaning, this is not acceptable, after cleaning the deep dirt, this time it is dry skin, we must add water to go, so we must be timely to the skin to absorb moisture, make skin watery.
Basic skin care to remember
Skin is our daily essential, whether you do so under the mask of the case do not have to remember every day skin care, water and milk are the basis of skin care step, but if you are there the weather is too dry, frost is to use up yo! but also choose their own products, so using them will not have the burden of skin.

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