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Laser Tattoo Removal Characteristics

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⑴. Laser tattoo washing using different wavelengths of laser surgery can be selective, so that the skin from damage
Laser tattoo
This tattoo wash method, light enters the dermis, the pigment granules into powder, jump between them increased, then uptake and clearance of macrophages, if the tattoo darker the color pattern may be repeated several times, changing the wavelength of light. Laser tattoo washing in the treated area, will leave, or deep or shallow spots on the skin experts said frankly, but it is better than leaving a scar tumor. This tumor is surgery or carbon dioxide laser wash tattoo traces. Traditional laser wash tattoo damage to the skin deep.
⑵. Laser tattoo washing can remove the area is relatively large, highly colored patterns.
In any case this wash the end result depends on the size of the tattoo patterns on the location and the pigments used, if the pattern is very small, can be used to wash the tattoo removal surgery, if the suture well, barely visible, tattooed neck and arms (especially in the deltoid, scapula, clavicle and humerus upper) pattern and the other poor skin elasticity on the site will leave scars, tattoos wash using the most advanced technology can remove the relatively large size, heavy color pattern, which is photocoagulation wash tattoo.
⑶. The most significant advantage is that laser tattoo washing without the use of a knife or abrasive, wash the tattoo does not leave visible scars in most cases. Of course, this method does not wash the tattoo is a magic eraser.
⑷. Wash the tattoo does not require local anesthesia, which is another benefit of the laser to scar to scar and other surgery.
⑴. A long time: In general, shallow profile thorn treatment can receive a significant therapeutic or even completely go away, but for a more deep color tattoo site, a treatment is difficult to eliminate, normally require multiple treatments.
⑵. High costs: the high price of imported laser equipment, thus go a tattoo price is higher.
⑶. Tattoo color tattoo removal difficult than monochrome. Tattoo dyes are also used to influence the difficulty of the tattoo. Monochrome tattoos are relatively easy to wash, and colored tattoos, such as blue, green, etc. are some of the hard to wash.
Laser tattoo removal is the use of laser energy smoothly into the lesion site, the treatment of dye is vaporized, crushed, make tattoo colors fade. In general, a shallow tattoo effect is very obvious, and even completely eliminated, but most usually require multiple treatments. Different colors of laser light is absorbed by the skin of a different color, and make use of laser energy vaporize the dye particles disintegrate, blocking blood vessels, and then absorbed by the body out of the body to the dye particles, pigment ebbed. Since the wavelength of the laser is only a corresponding color dye absorption. Only specific diseased cells to absorb laser light, can also control the laser reaches the skin depth, adjustable pulse enables the skin to reduce the damage to a minimum. Usually seven days to 10 days and can return to normal skin.
1. If using a laser tattoo removal, then wash with a little bit of laser tattoo removal machine with laser, when washing is burning tingling sensation, compared with tattoos feel uncomfortable. Laser tattoo points of light and heat cold light, cold light use.
2. If you want to wash the tattoo is almost no color, wash is basically impossible, even after one or two wash two or three times lighter color, so you can wash the shallow wash.
3. The tattoo hurts is because the laser into the skin, although invisible to the eye, but in fact, lasers have a role in the skin below.

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