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Laser tattoo removal FAQ

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-05
1, laser tattoo removal tattoo removal machine with a few bald? What is the function respectively?
Laser tattoo removal machine has two bald, bald white (short head) 1064nm and green head (long head) 532nm. White Bald get rid of blue, black, green pigmentation, get rid of the main green head, coffee, brown pigmentation.
2, how to control the parameters of laser technology and distance bald skin tattoo machine wash?
Technical parameters according to individual skin sensitivity to control the use of laser tattoo removal machine when the sensitivity of the skin, from the bald skin recently, some of the lower voltage. If you do not sensitive skin, white bald voltage control is about 780 V, green head voltage control at about 750 V, frequency 4-6Hz, bald skin distance of 3-4cm
3, how the laser tattoo removal? Each time interval?
Close as possible to focus with high energy treatment, bleeding point play best effects. Common blue-black dispel choose 1064nm optical head treatment, in case of red, brown and select 532 Bald treatment, treatment interval of 45 to 90 days, until the wash cycle of treatment.
4, "the physical scars" can laser tattoo removal?
A handful of "physical scars" to wash, can wash pattern on it, but not as good as normal skin effect is good, the process of washing as much as possible with a large spot small energy, prohibited focus energy wash.
5, laser tattoo removal treatment of the skin will hurt it? Will leave a scar?
Since the normal tissue does not absorb 1064nm laser, thereby maintaining the integrity of the cell framework conditions must not scar formation. Also required by the surgeon after the tattoo attention to postoperative care.
6, laser tattoo washing resume treatment response and postoperative
Since the laser irradiation tattoo instant high energy, the diseased tissue pigment group rapidly cleaved into small particles that can be swallowed by the human body macrophages, part of the shallow epidermis was immediately pop up in vitro, in another part of the deep tissue within the uniform arrangement to the skin, so after a short time another color pattern reply; treatment pattern color pattern layer deep tissue, due to the strong melanin absorption of laser energy, may produce local swelling, blisters, bleeding and even the formation of bleeding points, these are within the normal inflammatory response organizations, and local inflammation severity varies among people, touching the tissue inflammation relieve itching may occur after the organization issued a hard feeling. Generally, 3-7 days after harvest all the discomfort will go away, because of physical individuals will continue 1-3 months longer. Laser tattoo removal surgery, bleeding at the ban Miaomei, washing, exposure to other infections behavior 3-7 days inedible spicy foods, can not be drinking. If more bleeding, swelling more serious sensitive customers, we recommend that laser tattoo removal surgery oral antibiotic medicines (Acetylspiramycin), recovery (after 72 hours) topical erythromycin ointment affected area to help the healing, but also wipe the repair liquid repair.

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