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Eight kinds of cosmetic effect of olive oil

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Olive oil is known as "liquid gold", "Mediterranean nectar."
The reason why olive oil can be used for skin care, the main reason lies in its excellent efficacy of natural health, beauty and efficacy over cooking purposes. If the girls skin rough, bleak, wrinkled skin with olive oil can not go wrong !! Following on from the small series to introduce olive oil skin care tips it !! ladies do not miss it!
Uses one: Use olive oil body skin care
Girls can with warm water to wash his face oil, dry towel and gently wiped the water, and then a small amount of cotton dipped in olive oil, put on all over the face, after 10-15 minutes, with a hot towel Finally, dry towel and gently wipe; the same after the bath in a cup of water add some olive oil, mix well, pour in graded every part of the body, then the appropriate massage can make the skin more smooth.
Usage 2: Use olive oil to get rid of wrinkles
Deal with annoying fine lines, wrinkles or fine lines, you can use two drops of olive oil with a little aloe vera gel and mix well put on fine lines and gently massage the eye or fine lines, using a finger to help the temperature of olive oil absorption after coating lines immediately see it.
Usage 3: Use olive oil hair care
Olive oil not only moisturize your skin, your hands, it can be used for curing hair. Girls after each washing hair, you can add a small amount of warm water in the basin, then drip a few drops of olive oil, particularly dry hair, you can drop some of the more, and then come back again to wipe the hair, frequent use, It can make the hair becomes exceptionally smooth and supple, but also helps prevent dandruff generation, to avoid hair loss hair loss, dry hair frizz and other problems.
Purpose 4: Use olive oil delicate makeup
Make-up time, drop in liquid foundation or BB cream 1-2 drops of olive oil, and rub evenly to the face, can make makeup translucent paste clothes, cosmetics can also prevent the isolation of harmful substances, and the girls no longer have to worry about it will be out of makeup; remover when two drops of olive oil on a cotton pad to remove makeup, usage equivalent cleansing oil, cleansing oil is more than beneficial to skin health Oh!
Uses five: Use olive oil moisturize lips
Early autumn is a major nemesis dry lips, apply at night before going to bed is recommended with a hot towel lips, covered with olive oil and then dip a cotton pad lip, another on the next day it is moving. Lipstick every day, especially for girls who are more in need of such care to the lips, the effect also carry the carry, the difference is absolutely better than lip balm Oh!
Uses six: olive oil can lose weight
Olive oil contains vitamin E, easily absorbed through the skin, which helps keep the female body beauty. It not only helps digestion, but also prevent constipation, so significant weight loss. I remember every morning before breakfast, fasting drink two spoonfuls of olive oil, weight loss results are quite satisfactory.
Uses Seven: Use olive oil Hands care
Hands is a woman's second face, a pair of rough, dry hands very detrimental to crush their image, therefore, quickly hands to care for them, oh. Talking about the care of hands, the girls Try olive oil, soak your hands in warm olive oil among resume can make your hands soft and smooth and delicate, but also to reduce the swelling of the hands, the hands and avoid too dry, the same truth, olive oil can also be used to moisturize your feet, your feet make the skin more supple.
Uses eight: Use olive oil to help heal wounds
Women who are not careful with boiling water, hot oil burns, coated with olive oil to relieve pain, promote healing, it will not leave scars after healing, olive oil is really a good helper home travel it!

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