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Acne treatment

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Closed comedones how to remove it? Sebum secretion, is closed acne-prone season, closed treatment of acne how you knew it, it was like a hand squeeze, squeeze will feel much smoother, but a few days to squeeze through the place will once again filling, and may even become inflamed redness of acne, closed today small teach you how to remove acne is the best of it.
Closed surface acne redness nor does highlight just touch will feel rough pimple to squeeze his hand there will be a small grease particles, which are covered with small skin acne Acne is closed. Common acne acne and closed different, they are usually larger number hidden under the skin to make the skin bulge, let face bumpy uneven. Slowly grow, it will become a deep out from the skin of acne.
1, Cleansing thoroughly
To remove acne, we must first pay attention to makeup and cleansing work as long to do the cleaning work, can make acne does not take advantage of the machine, the best selection of warm water wash your face with a cleanser Cuochu foam gently massage for one minute and then , then rinse clean. If you use a sunscreen, BB cream, etc., must use makeup products, then cleanser. Also look in the mirror to check whether the forehead and the hairline around the cheeks on both sides of residual cleanser, if cleanser residue must be cleaned.
2, regular exfoliating
Periodically removing waste accumulate in the pores of the skin, capable of enhancing cell metabolism, prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells, blocking hair follicles, causing bacteria to produce acne.
3, good water work
As the skin itself can secrete oil, but can not provide the required skin moisture, leading to dry skin, water and oil imbalance, excessive secretion of oil will clog pores and cause acne appears. Requiring external moisture into the skin, to choose their own moisturizing skin care products, daily morning and evening after cleansing water, keeping the skin surface water and oil balance.
4, to develop good eating habits
Do not eat too much in the summer to avoid oily food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and collagen. Stay away from spicy fried junk food. Full day to drink eight glasses of water.
5. Get enough sleep
Medical research shows that human epidermal cell metabolism is most active time from midnight to 2:00 the next morning, and stay up all night is the most disfigured, because overnight will affect the rate of cell regeneration, leading to skin aging, this terrible consequences It will be directly reflected in the face. So we want to have good skin, be sure to develop before midnight 12:00 sleep habits.
Acne treatment
6. Milk Acne
Ingredients: fresh milk, cotton, vegetable oil practices: Apply fresh milk into the pot boil, allowed to cool until warm plus a small amount of vegetable oil, then with a cotton dipped in milk and gently apply to the affected area, wait a moment, let the milk to soften acne will penetrate the pores, and finally washed with water and then gently acne extrusion head on it, nothing to worry about leaving traces oh.
7. mung bean powder mask acne go
Ingredients: mung bean flour, water practices: appropriate amount of mung bean grinding into powder, can also be purchased directly, mung bean powder into the prepared pan, add a little water scepters, after cooked into a paste. Before going to bed face clean, green beans and put it confused with acne long position, insist about two weeks, acne will gradually fade.
8. steamed face cleaning method
Materials: hot water, towels practice: ready for a big tub of hot water, hold your breath, the pot will be placed over the face, with a wet towel around surrounded around, use a steam bath surface. This is repeated several times, and then wash with warm water. Probably do two to three times a week, so keep smooth facial pores, usually within two weeks you will see the effect of rendering.

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