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You can also eat fruit freckle?

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Fruit in our daily lives is very common, it is also extremely eat fruit, whether it is a season in which all can have a lot of fruit for people to choose. In addition to fruits and nutritious, but also has many other effects, freckle is one of them, then you know what to eat fruit can freckle?
What to eat fruit can speckle
Fruit in their daily lives is very common, people usually eat also, and the efficacy of different fruits are different, the following small series to introduce you some can freckle fruit bar!
Kiwi is known as the "king of fruits", which in addition to heat fluid, thirst diuretic, for indigestion, loss of appetite and other symptoms that people have a very effective treatment. However, the most important is that it is rich in vitamin c, especially for girls, can be described as the beauty of the sacred fruit. Long spot, the girls often encounter the problem of aging, can be suppressed by eating kiwi fruit.
Note: Due to the nature of Kiwi cold, the girls hanged in diarrhea. And after eating kiwi fruit, not drink milk or other dairy products, vitamin c will otherwise dairy protein clot, can cause diarrhea and other symptoms.
Oranges in the winter is the peak season, oranges can be solved winter dry skin, thick cuticle problems. And its best role is to improve the long spot of the skin, skin rosy white.
1 cup tomato juice or drink per day regularly eat tomatoes, can effectively dilute the stain, whitening skin. Contain potent antioxidant lycopene, and can fight free radicals, inhibition of pigmentation in the skin, anti-aging, pigmentation effect. It also contains glutathione peptide component and rich in vitamin C, can maintain normal metabolic activity of skin cells, inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase cool skin, repel pigment skin and internal organs, for melasma and age spots have a good preventive effect, make the skin white and smooth and elastic.
Lemon which is rich in vitamin c and calcium, in general, cosmetics and skin care products, basic raw materials is one such substance. In addition to long-suppressed lemon dandruff, most importantly, be able to speckle, firm skin, moisturize the skin and the like.
Apple, any time you can see its shadow on the fruit stand. Although Apple will have on the human body were not beneficial substances such as crude fiber, fat, etc. However, as the beauty of people you must know the moisture of the skin and what is crucial. Apple contains a lot of water and a variety of moisturizing factor moisturizing effect alone. It contains vitamin c can inhibit abnormal melanin deposition, acid containing pores allow very smooth, speckle effect is very obvious.
tips: Apple's properties are very mild, use it for the mask is a good choice. Apple may be mashed, and then deposited in the face, after 15 minutes can be washed away with water.
Fresh cherry sugar, proteins, β-carotene, iron and other rich nutrients. Iron can make popular color red, and β-carotene and vitamin C can whiten skin are sure to add more, eat cherries can be really delicate skin, elastic Oh.
Litchi contains sugar, protein, pectin, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and so on. Vitamin C and iron all people have the rosy color of the nutrition, taste lychees but easy to get angry, so grouchy, easy acne crush Enough is enough, not excessive.
Pineapple is rich in vitamin content can effectively dilute the facial pigmentation, long-term adherence to wipe her face with a pineapple juice soft white skin can make skin look moist, transparent, another pineapple also can effectively get rid of the face of the stratum corneum, promoting metabolism, making skin maintained in a healthy state.
Strawberries contain a variety of vitamins, fruit acids, minerals, can effectively play whitening, moisturizing effect, and enhance skin elasticity, so that the skin maintain its vitality. Eat strawberries friends will feel very fresh and smooth skin, natural skin white and tender.
Banana Runchang dry solution we all know, the stomach can help the body expel toxins better. While bananas are also rich in VC, to dilute chloasma, very effective elimination of melanin, called one of the most effective freckle fruit.

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