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Three ways to skin wrinkle

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The first step: Apply Firming Cream + Lifting massage, eliminate double chin
Chin betraying the age of the site, if you are young, there is a relaxation of the double chin, you should review their usual care, diet and rest, etc. is causing your face is all you're like Banlaoxuniang! If your skin naturally more relaxed jaw, then, may wish to adopt a sustained and effective lifting massage cream to resolve this tension troubles to you.
1, warm cream: A cream containing between two hands for about 10 seconds, and allowed to warm closer to the skin to enhance the absorption rate.
2, tight jaw: four fingers with both hands pulp, start from the chin to the top as shown up to earlobe pause before Lahti, this action can effectively eliminate your double chin to eliminate double chin because while giving face " relaxation "illusion.
Step two: anti-wrinkle cream, smooth wrinkles
There are two types of wrinkles, fine lines wrinkles and aging produce dried produce. The former do Moisturizing work will disappear, while the latter is due to the age increase in skin texture tissue extracellular matrix protein loss caused by the collapse. Late summer, the weather is getting dried Both wrinkles you need to watch out for, choose a good anti-aging cream, with massage, skin wrinkles will be significantly reduced.
1, tight cheeks: the anti-aging cream on the palm of the hand warm, and from the nose on both sides along the lower edge of the cheekbone to push the former ears, cheeks tight and slow nasolabial folds.
2, between smooth forehead wrinkles: with the middle finger pulp from the eyebrows, homeopathic slid along the top of the eyebrows to the temple pause between the amount of smooth skin.
The third step: vitality eye cream, get rid of dark circles
Eye skin microcirculation poor eye dark circles formed by some of the cream with the activation of the skin around the eye can promote blood circulation, eliminate dark circles, while Xiao Bian suggest that you do local sports, often doing eye exercises, down about turning eyes, strengthening the microcirculation of the eye are beneficial.
1, activation of the eye: with the middle finger and ring finger pulp, cream pushed outwards from the eyebrows, the skin around the eye evenly, then back to the position of the eyebrows pause soft reduction, promote blood circulation eye more smooth, efficient and ease repel black eye.
2, shutout nutrients: After all the massage process is completed, and finally tap palms covered cheeks and eyes, to promote the use of palm temperature maintenance of components eat into muscle

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