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Effectively dilute the scars of four small coup

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1, with the removal of scar massage
Facial skin massage can promote blood circulation, enhance the skin's ability to repair. Thus, just off blood scab scars can be removed by massage. Methods: First, apply some face the repair function of skin care products, then gently massage the scar at the root of the palm, rub three times a day, each about knead for 10 minutes. Adhere to massage about two weeks, the scars can fade or even eliminated.
2, ginger slices to the scar
Ginger can inhibit the growth of granulation tissue effect, and can be used to inhibit the growth of scar weaken. Methods: Fresh, sliced ​​ginger, scar wipe gently with ginger, ginger and then deposited in the scar, every 3-5 minutes for a ginger, can be repeated three times change, so adhere to apply two week, it can dilute the scar, but also make the skin become white and tender scar.
3, smearing vitamin C and vitamin E to the scar
If the scars darker color, vitamin C can be applied on scars. Vitamin C has a good whitening effect, can effectively reduce scar pigmentation, scarring gradually restored to make healthy skin color. Vitamin E can enhance the elasticity of the skin, and can be through the surface of the skin, subcutaneous tissue deeply, repair damaged parts, and therefore vitamin E can also be used to remove scars. Methods: vitamin C and vitamin E applied in the scar and gently massage for 10 minutes, long-term adherence, can effectively dilute the scar.
4, with lavender essential oil to the scar
Lavender essential oil is not only soothing effect, but also has scars fade effect. As long as the lavender essential oil applied in the scar and gently massage, can effectively dilute the scar. However, the unilateral deployment of lavender essential oil to go through in order to smear the scars, the compound can be used directly to buy lavender essential oil to use.

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