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Teach you how to make-up remover

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Eye Makeup Remover program
Eye skin is the full-face skin most vulnerable place, must take care of, otherwise it is prone to aging, eye, and other issues. If you often eye makeup, be sure to use special eye liquid emulsion remover products remove eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara, do not let cosmetic pigment penetration into the eyelid, otherwise there will be a black eye circles.
Cleansing focus: waterproof eyeliner, waterproof mascara and eye shadow
STEP1: with the middle finger gesture to play a small circle, gently rub the eyelid Makeup Remover part, or using two cotton dipped in remover liquid light dressing on the eyelids for 5 seconds, it had sufficient time to dissolve eyelashes, eyeliner on waterproof ingredients. Press eyelids wipe the texture from the inside out, the skin should not pull hard.
STEP2: The L-shaped folded piece of cotton, from the top down for 5 seconds at the root of the lashes after cleaning, do not be too hard to avoid eyelashes off. Eyelashes and eyeliner under the eye makeup remover with dipped cotton pad and gently wipe outward from the roots of eyelashes, eye clockwise, counterclockwise left eye.
STEP3: again and then unload some eye shadow, repeat the first step, the excess liquid remover with a clean cotton pad and gently pat dry.
STEP4: do not forget the eyebrows, eyebrow if not clean, when you are likely to be removable face makeup penetrate the pores, resulting in clogged pores and acne yet. Eyebrow makeup remover water moistened cotton swab to gently wipe it.
Lip Makeup Remover program
Lip skin is relatively fragile skin, because it is likely to cause prolonged contact lipstick lip skin was dark, only serious removable lip, lips also make a good breath of fresh air in order to maintain the luster and bright red lips.
Cleansing focus: waterproof eyeliner, waterproof mascara and eye shadow
STEP1: with a tissue pressed lips, lipstick siphoning off of oil.
STEP2: The lip-specific Makeup Remover on cotton, the cotton is completely moistened smile makes lip stretch, dab your lips for a few seconds.
STEP3: After melting liquid lip makeup remover, etc., began to wipe inside the mouth, pay attention to the direction of rotation of inwardly from the periphery to dismount the vertical center of the lips, do not rub back and forth. Cleanup is easy to fall out of makeup.
Face Cleansing Programme
Facial skin makeup remover is the focus of the entire process, facial skin remover incomplete or improper, it may lead to "strawberry nose", "acne face" and other symptoms.
Cleansing focus: waterproof makeup
STEP1: take the right amount of Cleansing Milk with cotton or fingertips evenly applied to the face, neck, cheeks, forehead, cheeks with fingertips from the site in a spiral manner gently rub open. Pocket watch and easy to dirty parts, such as Biliang recess in a spiral from the outside to gently massage a few minutes. Remove the neck from the bottom of the foundation to be clean.
STEP2: When darker makeup products, said that it has completed the cleaning process, carefully wipe with a tissue from the inside to the outside, a cotton pad after use, it should be discarded immediately, to avoid using again. You can use a cotton pad to wipe 2-3 times in a row, to a cotton pad does not leave until the foundation color.
STEP3: with cleansing products suited to their skin, full play bubble, only the product contains large amounts of air and moisture to the skin will not stimulate the formation.
STEP4: Take a small piece of clean cotton pad and dip some toner, pat in the face, do a final cleaning of the skin, and the value of PH balance of the skin.

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