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The difference between IPL and laser freckle freckle

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A laser freckle
Mainly damage, peeling, crusting way to get rid of, so no scars. Commonly used in freckle laser instrument has alexandrite laser, ruby ​​laser, erbium laser, Jacob, in accordance with the depth of spots to choose. Laser spot removers need to go through a physician to determine what kind of spot, do the appropriate treatment options. Suitable for laser freckle freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of Ota, who cheekbones spots and other spots.
Two IPL rejuvenation freckle
IPL instrument to produce a bunch of high-intensity beam of different types of phototherapy, can produce different colors of light. IPL eye color is the key to treatment. IPL is absorbed by different colors of different color skin, and make energy use IPL vaporized dye particles disintegrate, blocking blood vessels, and then absorbed by the body dye particles, which was out of the body, colors ebbed. By Eurasian medical beauty experts specifically for Asian skin and special jointly developed the latest cutting-edge technology achievements, the five kinds of photons, the perfect combination of the two lasers multifunction laser / IPL Beauty workstations in the traditional composite IPL based on the photon and IPL rejuvenation, developed by the European Medicines successful beauty experts, has now passed the European CE certification authority, to ensure that the clinical efficacy and safety.
The main difference between the three IPL laser freckle freckle
1, IPL freckle more moderate security.
Conventional laser using the energy of the moment the outbreak, generating heat and shock wave, the temperature reached 200 ℃ or more; and a pulse of laser light is a more gentle than the photoelectric will segment of the energy irradiation, gradually warming, through smear on the face cold gel protects the skin, reduce the body's skin temperature to avoid skin burns.
2, freckle IPL can simultaneously treat a variety of skin problems.
Traditional laser monochromatic light, skin problems to solve only a single pulsed light with full spectrum light, is tantamount to various combinations of the laser, it can solve a variety of problems we face simultaneously. Of course, the pulsed light beam emitted from the pigment group only, not for normal skin tissue does no harm.
3, IPL freckle faster recovery.
After a successful pulsed light treatment, almost no wounds, surgery is usually able to immediately wash, makeup, outsiders have had surgery is difficult to see traces not cause too much trouble to work and daily life; and laser may We need more than a week recuperation period.

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