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Method to eliminate bags under the eyes

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With bags under the eyes, it seems farther away from the youth, especially women, bags under the eyes too obvious, is affecting the image, cosmetic cover is also very difficult, only to eliminate bags under the eyes, is the fundamental solution. The method does not require the elimination of bags under the eyes may be too expensive medicines and high-tech equipment, normal life, maybe you can find a tool in addition to bags under the eyes. Just stick to it, eliminate bags under the eyes just around the corner.
In order to better eliminate bags under the eyes, we must first eliminate bad habits, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking, etc., especially the habit of night life, but also to work and rest rules, and maintain good sleep. The only way to avoid the formation of bags under the eyes fundamentally. Here to tell you about methods to eliminate bags under the eyes:
One: a small cup of tea in the refrigerator freezer for about 15 minutes, then use a small piece of cotton soaked in tea, then it is deposited on the eyelids, bags under the eyes can reduce the extent of swelling.
II: hot brine
Bad break boil out of the pouch, it is best to quickly back out, or else turn into a chronic bags under the eyes, then restitution may compare bother. Pour a bowl of hot water put a spoonful of salt, stirring evenly, with cotton wool or a cotton pad saturated with salt water to make hot bags (5-10 minutes). I would find you back out of the pouch, this method is more suitable for lady ready to go out.
Three: homemade cucumber Mask
Cucumber cosmetic effect Needless to say, the site in bags, putting the sliced ​​cucumber, to calm the skin to help alleviate the symptoms of dark circles. But do remember, rinsing cucumber eye mask skin clean and thin, sunburn easily, so to avoid the sun, so as not to eliminate the bags under the eyes but more freckles.
Additionally, one method is to eliminate bags under the eyes massage oils, essential oils can repair damaged cells and improve cell regeneration, but also reduce dark spots and restore skin elasticity. After the use of essential oils, you can gently massage the eye point, not only allows better absorption of essential oils, but also to protect eyesight, eyes relax by.

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