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Laser Lipolysis Surgery FAQ

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-11
⒈ compared with other surgical liposuction surgery, "Laser Lipolysis" surgery is very complicated?
On the contrary, "Laser Lipolysis" magic lies in its technique without invasive surgery in the traditional sense, no vibration, no damage to the skin, but extends into the fat layer through an extremely fine fiber-optic catheter, using laser emitting high-energy decomposition fat cell membranes, so you can easily have a perfect physique. The real beauty of you can get back in the old slim painless incognito state.
⒉ "Laser Lipolysis", the elasticity of the skin will not be affected?
Because the laser is in a state computer digital positioning melting fat, laser surgery used only acting on the set layer of fat, without harming the skin tissue, and at the same time stimulate collagen, elastic fibers in the skin combined self-healing ensure that your skin does not have the slightest reduction in elasticity.
⒊ "Laser Lipolysis" whether postoperative recovery period is very long?
For busy white-collar workers, "Laser Lipolysis" is the most saving you valuable time liposuction. Because of its shorter operative time, no trace of pain, so the beauty who just use a weekend, the curve will be a perfect new you kill countless envious eyes.
⒋ if not high degree of obesity, accept the "Laser Lipolysis" whether the effect of significantly better than the other way?
Summer is approaching, the natural beauty of the people want to have a good body proud. Long-term sitting in the office are mostly white-collar workers because of a slight bulge belly bulge or slightly stout arm and felt a little lacking, or slightly baby fat cheeks and chin. Well, you can say "Laser Lipolysis" is the best way to help people get back the original impressive figure. Because the accuracy and painless no trace of its technical characteristics, can make you thin extremely easy.
How ⒌ "Laser Lipolysis," the probability of a rebound?
Strictly speaking, if the diet to get, "Laser Lipolysis" bounce rate is very small. Even uncontrollable mouth delicious, the probability of you again obesity is also very small. Because surgery is melting fat your fat cells out of the body, rather than the stagnation in the body, so you could have peace of mind to enjoy the perfect good shape.
Not crowd
① determined to cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, blood clotting abnormalities, impaired organ function;
② long-term or are taking anticoagulants, vasodilators, corticosteroid hormones and other drug users;
③ liposuction skin infection focus;
④ psychological disorders, as well as high expectations of their own physical requirements were too harsh;
⑤ morbid obesity in primary disease cure or control the rear depending on the circumstances and the doctor to discuss the possibility of surgery.
⑴ comprehensive understanding of liposuction surgery have a correct understanding.
⑵ examined to determine whether the physical condition for surgery.
⑶ with physicians to discuss liposuction, make their own demands, if required suction multi-site, to develop a comprehensive and rational surgical planning.
⑷ surgery should avoid the menstrual period.
⑸ Since intraoperative local injection of a large amount of inflation fluid, outside the dressing may be the day after penetration, if it is lower abdomen liposuction, perineal edema occur, these are normal. Surgery may be appropriate activities, not in favor of strenuous exercise or prolonged bed rest. Liposuction bandaged 5 to 7 days, the replacement of the elastic tights 1 to 3 months.
⑹ liposuction surgery in the short term may harden slightly uneven, deepen the color and numbness, etc., which is a normal phenomenon, usually in about three months to recover.

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