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Introduction of Laser Lipolysis

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Laser lipolysis is the latest weight-loss techniques, the use of certain special laser energy, after in vitro against computer digital positioning irradiation obesity site a few minutes in order to melt away body fat, so as to achieve significant weight-loss results. Laser Lipolysis achieved very good results, especially for the double chin and other parts of the body has a very effective fine effect.
Laser Lipolysis slimming surgery is a combination of laser technology and surgical fat injection techniques, laser melting fat weight-loss and general 3L on hierarchical liposuction different places is that it is less invasive, laser melting fat weight-loss treatment Cellulite need first drug injection sites, so that the fat decomposition later softened by laser irradiation so as to achieve the ultimate purpose of fat, so the entire laser melting fat weight-loss treatment, the need for the invasive procedures that is injection of a, so this laser lipolysis slimming treatment is very safe, laser melting fat is particularly suitable for thin waist and abdomen fat accumulation and other significant parts of Cellulite, laser lipolysis slimming treatment that also features that quick recovery, laser lipolysis slimming within a few days to resume normal work and life after treatment is completed, it is impossible liposuction surgery, so it will not disrupt the original plans. ,
Safety, less damage, but not the blood
Many girls are Antiaris halo, Laser Lipolysis let you no longer have this concern! Laser melting fat is 1-2 mm fiber laser emission into the fat layer, will not damage the skin and blood vessels and nervous system, almost naked eye observation is not to bleeding.
Pure fat content of 90%
Laser Lipolysis has a staggering 90% of pure fat rate, which allows you to dissolve once more fat, liposuction guarantee to achieve the desired effect. Laser Lipolysis fat solution for their unique full range of fat liquefaction, while the dissolution of fat, the fat is dissolved in vitro dissolution, significantly increases the excretion of pure fat.
Smooth and compact
Compared with traditional liposuction, laser lipolysis is evenly swept by the laser energy a part of a part of the past, surgical and non-surgical area smooth transition, to avoid uneven skin smooth, tight no slack. In addition, laser lipolysis laser surgery used only acting on the set layer of fat, not only hurt the table skin, elastic fibers can accelerate skin repair itself, stimulate collagen, so skin smoked fat remains compact, smooth and flat.
Adapt to the crowd
Laser Lipolysis technique to adapt to those relatively normal weight, but the local obesity, disproportionately people. These localized fat deposits on weight loss and exercise do not respond. Liposuction is also suitable for patients with moderately obese and sagging skin. For obese patients with sagging skin, fat suction line but can also cut loose skin, to achieve better surgical results.
Many parts of the body can liposuction, often the site of absorption are: abdomen, iliac waist, hips, chest (including male breast hypertrophy), back, thighs, upper arms, legs and the back of the lower jaw, and so on.

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