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Laser Lipolysis preparation before surgery

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Prepared for surgery
1, to make disinfection prior to surgery, we do not think the job is irrelevant, in fact, can be said that the disinfection procedure success. You can choose either epidermal anesthesia during surgery can also choose ice anesthesia, two methods are possible, which mainly depends on the wishes of the patient.
2, prior to surgery to observe and make sure there is no infection or redness of the phenomenon, to do a comprehensive physical examination before surgery, there is no disease, male week prior to surgery to stop smoking, women should avoid during menstruation surgery.
3, you can use ice after surgery the wound, but the day after surgery can not touch the water, can not be used two days after the hot water can not be too strenuous exercise. Some manual labor is best not to do it again, two days after surgery prohibit drinking coffee or tea, usually you can drink some water, after eating spicy food and non-carbonated beverages.
4, generally ten days after the surgery there will be results, because the patient was anxious and do not make some incorrect behavior, melting fat slimming slimming method is currently one of the most advanced, surgery patients to have confidence.
1) Allergies and obesity test test
Whatever the method of liposuction, safety must be the most important, in order to ensure the safety of liposuction, laser fat dissolving injections done before, allergic reaction injection liquid test is an essential first step, and determine your type of obesity so that the doctor prescribe the right medicine;
2) shot
After determining non-allergic, highly trained medical professionals through special mesotherapy gun (mesogun) the fat soluble liquid slowly injected into the subcutaneous fat layer, to eliminate the accumulation of fat, promoting local fat activation;
3) vibration massage Firming
After the injection, the doctor will again be part of your treatment disinfection, covered with sterile towels, combined with firming instrument vibration massage will make the liquid evenly distributed in the fat layer, by vibration loosening local adipose tissue, fat and liquid full integration;
4) laser irradiation
Melting fat to lose weight the critical moment, the fat cells as target cells, irradiated by a special laser adipose tissue microcirculation in the capillaries absorb heat and accelerate the chemical reaction, so that the cell membrane of fat cells atrophy or rupture, fat will be self Metabolism apoptosis in vitro;
5) Late Health Management
To maintain weight loss, post-health maintenance is also essential. The doctor will give the development of personalized diet plan for personal life situation, you just need to do exactly as planned, to develop good habits, slimming effect will last long.
Injection laser melting fat diet treatment of the whole process takes only 30 minutes, you may be a very slight pain, but because the needle is quite small, with the injection of drugs can be added to a local anesthetic, usually do not feel particularly uncomfortable, a bit like a small ants bite your skin, after the completion of daily work can live reply. 4-7 days after treatment began to bear fruit. 5-10 courses can eliminate body fat.
Technical rationale
Eliminate fat decomposition of lipid therapy or laser lipolysis therapy is referred to as non-invasive, low-intensity laser irradiation, usually between 635nm laser light control, the range of the laser can destroy fat cells in the fat cell membrane forming a hole in the fat cells released into the space between.
Appears in the fat cell membrane cytochrome C oxidase plays a key role in the formation of these holes. Energy from the laser to change the activity of this enzyme, the impact of the chemical state of the cells, thereby affecting the fat cell membrane to control the shape and maintain the gene, resulting in pores.
1, a small wound just 1mm of needle wound, no surgery, no obvious scars.
2, only a small amount of local anesthesia, reduce the risk of overdose of anesthetic, the whole process painless.
3, less blood loss and the risk of hematoma, because laser liposuction procedure can be coagulated blood vessels.
4, loose skin and cellulite effective than traditional liposuction, because the laser can stimulate skin collagen reorganization, increase the capacity of post-operative recovery and contraction of the skin elasticity.
5, in addition to the effect of the treatment site even fat, uneven phenomenon does not occur.
Diet Taboo
Not everyone can accept laser melting fat diet before treatment, the doctor will do for you a relevant examination to exclude treatment contraindications, everyone has their own way to lose weight, laser melting fat diet is not for everyone weight-loss methods.

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