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Instrument Description Laser Lipolysis

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-12
Laser Lipolysis is a modern instrument laser on target tissues resulting action principle of minimally invasive instruments and found that modern laser lipolysis technology from plasma laser lipolysis technology began to produce and development.
The technology is the wavelength of 980nm, changed the traditional liposuction and laser lipolysis technology, through the use of a very fine fiber laser plasma to locally uniformly heated to dissolve fat cells, the closure of small blood vessels, skin tightening, produce collagen deep qualitative stimulation. At the same time the use of V-shaped tube and traditional liposuction device to remove the dissolved fat.
Under normal circumstances, the doctor's office can perform laser lipolysis, it takes less than 1 hour.
Lipolysis body sculpting, skin rejuvenation compact range:
● abdomen, waist, legs, buttocks and other stubborn fat
● effective for the arms, face, neck
● eliminate crow's feet, nasolabial folds, Brow Lift
● eliminate red blood: effectively eliminate abnormally dilated capillaries
Clinical Features
● short downtime
● little discomfort
● photothermal temperature to avoid carbonization
● trauma
● Security
● body sculpting, firming rejuvenation multiple purposes
Because modern plasma technology and plasma laser lipolysis technology with the development of laser lipolysis instrument in the future of minimally invasive weight-loss areas will be an unprecedented revolution, as a contribution to the field of beauty is remarkable.

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