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Women of different ages skin care method

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One: to distinguish their skin belongs to which type of skin: No matter what age, we must first know your skin what belongs to the skin, the Chinese people's skin is generally divided into: oily, dry, mixed, allergic , stains calm nature. Clear the skin of their skin only to have targeted maintenance. Unclear what friends can go to their skin cosmetic skin test center to test charts, do not want their own subjective judgment, what we want is professional. After detecting related maintenance measures, which according to their type of skin is, really serious to see how professional maintenance strategy is like, what not to do, what not doing enough, which is the basis for maintenance Countermeasures!
Two: all ages the best skin care measures and precautions:
1:20 before the age of
Adolescence is the skin's "golden age", rosy skin smooth, elastic, almost no makeup. But because at this time in puberty, sex hormone secretion relatively strong, skin glands secretion further enhance the high side grease on the skin, often "shine" in the case, if not cleaned for a long time after exercise or outdoor activities or cleaning is not complete, resulting in dirt clogging the pores, it is prone to acne, which is what we usually call "acne."
Note: a "acne"
First, do not go to scratch or squeezes, to prevent infection forming pustules or depressed scar, affecting facial appearance;
Second, do not eat spicy food, do not smoke, do not drink;
The third is to develop good habits early hours, not a long time watching TV, playing computer.
Maintenance Strategies: this age because there is no independent source of income, so the following is sufficient to deal with the.
Refreshing and moisturizing cleanser + liquid milk moisturizer (even wipe) + acne products (this applies to more serious Zhangdou people
2: 20-30 years
When you start to move from the Sentimental and tender, replaced by a small emboldened mature. Passion and vitality is still strong, but steady accumulation begin gradually with the purification. Two hybrid temperament of each other, you are the most attractive place in this stage.
Fortunately, acne is gone mad mad chaos after the bombing, at this stage of the delicate skin, can regenerate a normal speed, the water lipid in good condition, the skin can withstand any external, such as sunlight and polluted air invasion, do not bother protection, but for the young and beautiful girl in terms of make-up is essential to daily "homework", but avoid cosmetic reasons or in order to save some other aspects, the day is not a remover. Thus, it will plug the pores, increase the "acne" incidence. The correct way is: timely remover After attending the event, if desired, you can participate in make-up. In addition, when cleaning the skin, the optional sulfur soap spent grease or anti-inflammatory properties of boric acid soap, after using their own skin cleansing cream applied to keep the skin moist.
But do not be happy too early, your skin condition began to decline in this age group. Even still maintained exactly the same with the previous way of maintenance, now it seems to have been unable to meet the needs of your skin. Indulged youth can stay gone. So you can not indulge in staying up late, smoking, drinking, no protection can no longer be exposed to sunlight.
One: do not often stay up late, stay up late most likely to water loss, resulting in long down: wrinkles, acne, dark circles, yellowish skin and so began to emerge late at night will cause the body and blood and Qi and Yin deficiency, most commonly manifested as angry, so if you need to work out at night, then you need to constantly add water, drink warm water.
Two: we must be asleep before makeup, otherwise those cosmetic applicator is not cleansed, it will become clogged pores of a killer.
Three: attention to the sun, especially in summer, solar radiation is too large, make the necessary sun protection is important, such as umbrella, sunscreen and other measures.
Four: attention to cleanliness, to prevent the generation of acne and blackheads.
Maintenance Strategies: As some of this age of economic income, so we need to give their skin a small part of the investment
Refreshing and cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer + nutrition moisturizing cream category Mask +
3: 30-39
You begin to have an elegant potential, you already know how beautiful. Although there is no adolescent super skin elasticity, however, gradually circulated confident, capable calm temperament, you are so beautiful and hard to resist, become a kind of "moisturizes things in silence" as the elegant, fly in the ointment is the corner of crow's feet began uninvited, dark circles and bags under the eyes, it has become a lingering regulars. Skin condition becomes unstable, when dry oil. Once irregular work and rest, life stress, adult acne also immediately out of "provocation." Skin feel, a man named "aging" of the monster, is eyeing staring at her. After 30 years of age, the skin begins to appear uneven skin color, skin becomes rough and lack luster skin, lack of water and dried so on, this is the beginning of aging. At this point in addition to good moisture maintenance work, but also increase the "anti-aging" this one.
So in addition to this age-based moisturizing care products, it has a slimming, eliminate cellulite, firming body care products has become a favorite of your heart. Presumably you already have their own primary care inherent in the brand, and the cream has become essential for a single product, the general should choose anti-wrinkle, moisturizing high efficacy and other composite products. In addition to day cream, night cream, but also should then purchase several milk protein and nutrition, water massage cream, moisturizer and ready for use according to their skin condition, nourish, whitening, anti-wrinkle efficacy of different mask.
A: daily maintenance treatment can still be simple, versatile bottle of cream can solve the multiple problems of the skin, but intensive care and homework is essential. The essence, the mask as a regular skin tonic, but also diet intake of water, fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and protein-containing animal collagen.
Two: Strengthening moisturizing
Three: to feel comfortable, to avoid the impact of anxiety, sadness and other emotions.
Four: Be sure to pay attention to sun.
Five: Whether cleaning or maintenance products must be done using the details of the office, in particular, we can not ignore the neck, carefully press skincare explanation to maintenance.
Maintenance Strategies: this age due to aging skin began to spread direction, so it is necessary to strengthen and enhance the nutritional moisturizing cosmetic use.
Containing peptides (peptide is 2-50 amino acids linked structures) and glycerin base cosmetics [This is a wrinkle] + Enhanced moisturizing cream or moisturizing nourishing milk + cream + Toner + Nutrition Mask
4:40 and older
Really elegant and intellectual woman, you calm, capable and elegant, gentle temperament make people feel warm and quiet. You have to take control of their own lives, but also know how to own only the most beautiful.
The only drawback is the initial fine lines start getting into wrinkles, gravity began to play its powerful. It became loose skin, the chest began to sag a little. Although aging does not feel terrible, but in the end, it is in close proximity.
This time-based skin care products to be replaced, the type of fat mainstream care, cosmetics, nutritional products is at this stage. Beauty should also pay attention to the selection of water rich in collagen, coenzyme Q10 has anti-aging effects, etc. can enhance the activity of skin products. The frequency mask becomes large, depending on the circumstances using 1-4 times a week. Of course, also need to purchase a special beauty and Breast Neck Cream, sooner or later the United States Shaping use, maintenance is easier to fully show the aging neck, and Breast Cream can also be effective to prevent sagging.
Since the daily home care is no longer able to meet the needs of your skin, you should regularly go to beauty salons to do special maintenance. Facial care, body care, SPA, are at this stage skin needs extra "meal." In the beauty salon professional beautician tailored treatments, in addition to repair skin outside, enjoy the process is also very important, it can make you spiritual pleasure and relaxation for aging, calm body and mind is very effective. Also, if you have the fullness of the trend, in addition to adhere to exercise, you can also try a special weight-loss medication, help you lose excess fat, discharge the body of toxins.
Vitamin A is the most effective non-prescription anti-aging single solution. It increases the rate of cell renewal, reduce wrinkles, and make skin look younger overall. If you want to reduce the signs of aging, purchase rich antioxidants [vitamin C is an antioxidant, is more important than collagen products] as well as vitamin A class of products.
Maintenance Strategies: skin loses its luster, technology tends to dry, aging skin easily dry, easy peeling, wrinkles, better and more kinds of stains.

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