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Woman reasons for hair loss

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-13
Woman reasons for hair loss and hair loss treatment
Woman hair loss problem and help more and more, because women are particularly sensitive to their own appearance, when less quantitative hair, the hair becomes soft, especially spin-site hair thinning, women themselves relatively easy to find. Women during puberty, pregnancy, menopause likely to have hair loss phenomenon, now normally withstand the pressure of living is relatively large, easy to make women not only mental or emotional instability, also affect the scalp oil secretion, making the strong oil secretion, The hair loss and other hair problems. In addition, a large number of women using modern chemical hair products, hair perm agent, and uneven diet, lack of sleep, environmental pollution, are likely to lead to severe hair loss. Only by understanding the woman hair loss what is the reason, in order to have beautiful hair.
A woman hair loss due mainly to the following aspects:
1. endocrine disorders: excessive mental tension and pace of work, leading to female endocrine disorders, resulting in hair loss. Because the female endocrine a large number of female hormones, so there are plenty of hair growth hormones. However, due to a sudden decrease in hormone secretion, the hair will naturally fall off a lot. (Also common in postpartum)
2. Environmental effects: hair loss, hair clogged air pollutants solemn feast, operate a computer often times, harmful radiation and other causes. Noise, insomnia will lead to hair loss.
3. Pressure is too large: to accelerate the pace of modern life and the intensity of competition, people bear the pressure is increasing. Excessive pressure and hair loss are closely related, it will accelerate human aging and hair loss. The only countermeasure is to remove the burden, let yourself relax.
4. excessive dieting to lose weight: diet, do not eat staple food will make the hair lack of adequate nutrition, good head snood remind women such as lack of iron intake, it will brown without ze, the final result will inevitably lead to a large number of hair loss. Therefore, a balanced diet to lose weight should not blindly eat staple food.
5. contraceptives: long-term use of contraceptives women will appear the phenomenon of hair loss, once stop taking, hair loss can ease the symptoms disappear.
6. The dye perm too: regular hair dye hair will cause serious damage or even fall. For this reason, not too frequent or abuse dye perm.
7. external influence: tie too tight braids and hair bundle tightly headband, long hair root cause severe hair loss, use will harm.
8. diseases affect: certain skin diseases or congenital diseases can also cause hair loss, excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands or sebaceous glands can cause a lot of change in the nature of hair loss.
 How to prevent female hair loss:
Weekdays should pay attention to the spirit of regulation, to feel comfortable, such as found in many hair loss, do not panic, first understand the normal hair or abnormal hair loss. If hair loss is not abnormal to have the mental burden, if not necrosis of hair follicles, the hair is entirely possible recovery. Usually pay attention to diet, less sugar, salt, greasy spicy food, do not drink alcohol. Without strong alkaline shampoo items, choose a variety for your hair shampoo. Night after shampooing, not wet the bed, or susceptible to heat, resulting in hair loss. Less hair, dyed perm. Do not often tight braids and other hairstyles. Daily exercise, pay attention to the head in the summer sun, winter Note that the head cold, rest, do not stay up late, do not over-indulgence, often do the head massage. Women do that can prevent hair loss.
Woman on the causes of hair loss and the treatment and prevention of head and good distribution networks will stop here today, as a woman must conserve their own hair, usually conservation is particularly important, do not wait until serious hair loss remembered care, treat their hair and treat skin face, like the role of prevention is greater than treatment. You do not want hair loss, we have a satisfactory hair from now on maintenance start it!