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Men reasons for hair loss

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Male hair loss is commonly known as male pattern baldness, also dominated alopecia (AGA), is very common in men, with a genetic predisposition. Male pattern hair loss patients often start with the hair on both sides and the top of the forehead became sparse, leading to the forehead receding hairline. Hair loss is part of the normal hair fine hair replaced Eventually these hair loss also resulted in the gradual expansion of the area of ​​baldness.
1. androgenic alopecia
Skin follicle is androgen target organs, the scalp is a relatively high density of androgen receptor sites, is an androgen "like" gathering place. So androgenic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss, alopecia 95% of cases of this type. Suffering from androgenic alopecia of the scalp and serum DHT levels higher than normal people, scalp, forehead, especially the temporal Ru and top hair under long-term effects of DHT, the hair follicles showed progressive atrophy and smaller, hair tapering, soft, color fades, hair reduction. The result of this type of hair loss caused by hairline fade and mild head bald.
2. drugs cause hair loss
Some prescription drugs may cause some hair loss, cancer treatment will make the hair stops growing and shedding during treatment, after treatment or after the end of treatment, the hair may grow back. If the medication early on in sudden hair loss occurs, consult a doctor promptly for treatment programs to make the appropriate changes.
3. pathological hair loss, surgery or disease-causing
After 1-3 months, high fever, severe infections or surgery can cause hair loss; suffering from certain chronic diseases will continue to hair loss; abnormal thyroid function can also cause hair loss; some of autoimmune diseases, such as severe scalp discoid erythema lupus, but also make the scalp hair follicles "very hurt"; mechanical avulsion, burns, chronic deep bacterial or fungal infections will make the head "barren."
4. neurological alopecia areata
Cause this type of hair loss the reason is not clear, this kind of hair loss to flake off, forming an area the size of coins smooth, round bald face nerve alopecia areata should pay attention to the spirit nursed back to health.
5. Genetic Cause
In addition to hair loss, and pressure from all sides related, hereditary is one very important factor.
The pathogenesis of hair loss
1, the hair growth cycle
1) speed hair is about 1 cm per month slowly grow out. Each hair growth needs 2-6 years and then enter the telogen, last fall. In the off position, the general can grow a new hair from the same follicle within three months. During the same period, about 10% of hair is in the resting phase, while the remaining 90% of the hair in the active growth phase. However, the growth rate of human hair with aging and gradually slowed down.
2) When the follicle continues to shrink, the hair will gradually become shorter thinner, and lead to hair loss, and ultimately the formation beget tiny hair follicles.
2, genetic factors
Men vary carry genetic hair loss, the body will secrete testosterone by 5a- reductase (5α-reductase) in the subcutaneous tissue of some people within the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone, DHT) DHT (DHT hair follicle known as the killer. powerful DHT into the nucleus, the metabolic system effects manufactured ATP substance having cellular energy action will therefore hampered. when used as the ATP heat source can not be generated, and therefore can not be protein synthesis hair, hair mother cells lose their vitality, start keratinocytes, hair follicles start to shrink or necrosis, a large number of hair into the telogen phase, the hair will fall off a lot.
Hair Loss Prevention
Prevention and treatment of hair loss, it must pay more attention to the details of life at all. The following content, is your good helper to overcome hair loss, as long as it, the annoyance of hair loss will be away from your sight, no longer bother you.
A method of selection or comb horn comb. Do not use a comb made of nylon, because nylon comb is easy to produce static electricity, will have adverse hair and scalp stimulation. Ideally, the selection or comb horn comb, both to remove dandruff and increase hair shine, but also massage the scalp and promote blood circulation.
2. Method wash it. Shampoo interval preferably 2 to 3 days, wash while rubbing massaging edge needed, not only can keep the scalp clean, but also to promote blood circulation to the scalp. After washing is best to let the hair dry naturally.
3. The method of selecting the right shampoo. Do not use strong or alkaline degreasing shampoo, such degreasing shampoo and dehydration too strong, easy to make hair dry scalp necrosis. You should use non-irritating to the scalp and hair natural shampoo or hair according to their own choice. Best not to have the use of a shampoo.
4. The method of smoking cessation. Smoking makes scalp capillary contraction, thus affecting the normal development and growth of hair.
5. The method of moderation. Liquor, especially with hot liquor would generate heat and moisture the scalp, causing hair loss. Even beer, wine should also be appropriate, after all ingredients containing alcohol, drink in moderation.
6. Beware of computer methods. Prolonged use of computers people tend to hair loss, first, because the computer radiation suffered too much, and second, the computer operation requires high concentration of attention, long-term use causes the brain's excitement continued to increase, related to endocrine disorders, hair follicles easily embolism, nutritional supply of hair obstacles, resulting in increased brittleness and hair loss.
7. The method of elimination of mental depression feeling. Mental instability, anxiety can cause hair loss every day, the deeper the degree of stress, the faster the hair loss. Therefore, regular deep breathing, walking, doing relaxation exercises, can eliminate the mental fatigue that day.
Finally, to ensure adequate sleep and other details, it is also essential.

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