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Laser hair loss treatment

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There are many methods for treating hair loss, but with the rapid development of hair transplant surgery, in addition to FUT, FUE, FUE-APL1.0, fut & fue × ptt these four we have known hair transplant technology, there is a laser method to treat hair loss ask people not very understanding, this following to tell you about is how laser hair loss treatment.
Laser hair loss treatment method is the latest method of treating hair loss, is a use of laser thermal effect and photochemical effects on human skin to be abnormal hair loss, head of physical therapy, works by soft laser (red and far-red light) penetrate into the cell under the scalp (the hair root and milk balls) most deep, to accelerate blood circulation, endocrine regulation and improve hair quality, in addition to falling outside the inhibition, it can make the hair grow back. Laser irradiation can increase the skin temperature to strengthen the local blood circulation, reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings, reduce scalp itching and local pain and other phenomena, the secretion of oil have better control effect.
Also known as Laser "laser" (the LASER), for the general nature of light, including visible light hold, but is different from the ordinary light, because laser are monochromatic, only limited wavelength (a wavelength range wider ordinary light), therefore, visible laser colors pure and bright, focused laser emission direction, not scattered. Laser is widely used in military, industrial, scientific, medical and other fields.
In addition to this laser has a certain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect, can improve the body's own immune system, enhance local tissue resistance to infection, and some of seborrheic dermatitis skin inflammation with good inhibitory effect. Promote tissue repair and hair growth is another important role of the laser. The study found that different types of laser, also has extensive regulating physiological function role, especially for some of the biological activity of enzymes regulating substances in vivo, in promoting tissue repair and regrowth of hair plays a very important role. Clinical practice has proved, by laser irradiation of hair, capillaries and regeneration of collagen fibers increased significantly, while the hair follicle cells metabolic processes are improved and strengthened.
Under normal circumstances, after three months of treatment, you can see the results, but also depends on the health situation and the cause of each person's hair loss vary. Process, through direct contact with the pipe laser hair scalp treatment guests without any sensory stimulation. In addition to the laser treatment, the patient can also tie in with the germinal care use in the course of treatment, the effect will be more significant.
Through the above explanation, the laser method is now known to be the treatment of hair loss! However, laser hair loss treatment is best to go to regular hospitals to enjoy the treatment of postoperative effects have a good help.
Laser hair growth Instrument Description

Treatment Principle


1. Accelerate blood circulation to improve regeneration ability of collagen fibers and promote metabolism. 650nm laser and 625nm PDT can enhance the activity of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) of subcutaneous tissue, and ATP is the main energy transmission medium between cells which help to encourage the metabolism of the tissue. So 650nm laser and 625nm PDT help to enhance blood flow and make oxygen and nutrient send to the hair follicles, and 808nm laser will help solution penetration, as a result, it achieves the efficacy of halting the progression of hair loss.


2. Modulate the hair follicles
TB-650I patented narrow wavelength light and EMS can effectively stimulate hair follicles, and turn 80% of the hair follicles which is in the state of hibernation to active status, and attain the effect of the cessation of hair loss and restoring.

3. Regulate oil secretions
Excessive oil secretion also is a reason for causing hair loss, Abnormality of sebaceous glands leads to excessive oil secretion, while Dihydro Testosterone Cave (DHT) in the oil released by sebaceous glands will trigger more hair follicles dwindling or even shrinking, then, hair loss is caused. TB-650I Hair Rejuvenation can dredge the sebaceous glands duct to decrease and control oil secretion so as to improve hair condition.


4. Promote scalp health, improve hair quality TB-650I composite hair mask irradiates hair follicles to accelerate hair growth, and strengthen the hair elasticity and increase hair density making the hair pitch-black shine.


5. Promote nutrient absorption
TB-650I is a patented cold light source, which won't hurt hair, it is neither chemicalnor drugs but its penetrability is better than them. It overcomes the weakness of various chemicals hair fluid which is unable to fully infiltrate into hair root.



Diode laser Hair loss Therapy Device

Laser output power

650nm diode laser (75unit,10mw/unit)


808nm IR Laser (30unit,10mw/unit)

LED output power

630nm Red cool light (575unit 30mw/unit)


460nm Blue Cool Light 1000mw


580nm Yellow Cool Light 2000mw

Treatment Time


Pulsing time range


Pulsing Delay range


Input power


LCD Screen

8inch multi color touch screen

Device Dimension


Package Dimension


Rated input voltage

AC230 10%, 50Hz 1Hz

AC110V 10%, 60Hz 1Hz (optional

Net weight


Package weight


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