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Summer hair loss how to do?

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-16
One reason: sun exposure
Summer love hair loss is closely related to environmental factors. Intense summer sun, ultraviolet radiation hair, thermal radiation will have a very strong head skin irritation, causing damage to the hair loss. So in the summer, it should be the same as protecting the skin from sun damage protection hair.
Solution: Avoid the direct rays of the summer sun on the head, less activity in the sun. When they go out, it is best to wear a hat or hold umbrellas.
Two reasons: too much to eat cold
If you eat too much ice cream and other cold drinks in the summer, can cause sudden contraction of hair follicles, which would otherwise require a lot of sweating in the summer heat of the hair follicle is very bad for the girls eat cold, I am afraid that is often overlooked, which is one of the important reasons leading to the summer of love hair loss.
Solution: One summer hair care method is not to eat too much cold, you can drink some boiled water.
Reason Three: air conditioning warm and cold air
Modern hair loss more and more people, in addition to often stay up late, a common cause of irregular life, mental stress and other work, air conditioning, heating and cooling air can also become one of the reasons induced hair loss. Summer in air-conditioned environment for a long time, the hair will be gradually drained of water, so the hair becomes dry and brittle, and therefore can cause hair loss problems.
Solution: Try to avoid a long time in air-conditioned room, avoid temperature difference is too large, and strengthen the scalp hair moisturizing care.
Four reasons: Pool bleach
Summer swimming is a favorite sport, but the pool water contains chloride, also damage the hair, make hair dry fracture.
Solution: Be sure to wear a swimming cap, and strengthen the hair care and maintenance after swimming.
Five reasons: insufficient supply of protein
Protein is an important material and generate the necessary nutrition hair, usually meat content of more, but due to the hot summer weather, people prefer light food, meat food intake relative reduction, which is particularly evident for women. If the body's supply of protein deficiency, the hair will be easy to fall off.
Solution: summer should pay attention to protein intake and eat more iron, calcium, vitamin A and other hair tonic effect of food such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, beans and soy products, sesame.

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