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Summer skin replenishment

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-16
Heat of summer, the temperature is high, sweat easily, resulting in moisture reduction, and strong ultraviolet radiation. And this caused a lot of beautiful women troubles, how to protect the skin supple and smooth. Now for everyone to share a few summer beauty tips and tricks, hoping to improve some cosmetic problems encountered in daily life.
Beauty Tips one: eat more fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and beneficial skin metabolism required, can improve skin, muscle tenderness Capture.
Beauty Tips II: the right amount of water, the body of water about 65% of body weight, the human body is very important to the body of water can accelerate blood circulation, promote Metro metabolism, rid the body of waste, heat, lack of water will dry skin, virtual fire strong, easy to make face Zhangdou.
Beauty Tips three: to maintain nutritional balance, and focus on adequate intake of vegetable oil, to avoid picky eaters, after all, a single food can not contain all the elements required for the skin, moderate consumption choice with vegetable foods, such as soybeans, almonds, walnuts, extracted from cod liver oil etc., these foods are rich in zinc, iron and trace elements and vitamins E, on the one hand can improve skin moisture, on the other hand on the skin anti-aging effect.
Beauty Tips Four: Choose a good moisturizing can also can play a good radiation skin care products, here we recommend a pure plant without adding, Anatomy Ti nano - CC Cream (SPF118), SPF18 refraction UV, dust isolation, the deployment of advanced Morus alba extract, natural vitamin C, vitamin B5 can be simultaneously moisturizing and whitening effect, not only can white uniform color, moisturizing skin, but also water quality can be formed a protective barrier on the skin surface to prevent skin the loss of moisture and nutrients.

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