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Step right to horny woman

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Step right to horny woman
First, thoroughly clean the face.
Wash, beauty homework is the first step and the most important step, the outermost layer of clean dirt off of the skin needs to be removed so that "float" up and also so horny softening process.
tips: Depending  Beauty Machine on the season change Clarifying different products. Sooner or later the use of cleaning products should also be different, after a day back and forth, dust, oil, metabolism, so that the skin needs a thorough cleaning, and therefore suitable for use at night strong cleaning power of cleansing products; contrast, morning cleansing can be replaced milder products.
Step two: steamed face.
After completion of the cleaning steps to soften skin, use hot water steamed face, play to open the pores, soften keratin, the pores in the surface of the dirt floating, steaming the face when preparing a pot of boiling water, then leaned face basin , 20-30 cm, steaming the face for about 5 minutes.
The third step is to exfoliate.
First face slightly wet, then scrub cream applied to the face, apply a two minutes or so and then began to massage, massage with particular attention to the T-zone, this site massage Sustainable little longer time, cheeks, forehead and other more dry parts of the sustainable shorter period of time. Note: You can not rub the face, gently massage.
tips: exfoliating products have a lot of categories, products must be gentle, fast-acting product is not recommended for general use, you can try natural plant type or types of cosmeceutical products.
The fourth step, the mask.
Use deep cleansing mask, it is also important. 2 times a week at most - and over, will hurt your skin, the protective layer of grease to generate new cuticle and destroy - the stratum corneum is not exactly "junk", it also has to protect your skin from external contamination role - a bit like Cream's role in it!
The fifth step, convergence, moisturizing.
End to use exfoliating lotion / astringent / moisturizing lotion / Toner (different skin material with different water) - the role of water is to lock in moisture, to close the pores, as well as a sedative effect a lot of water, so that after use frost like skin care products more easily absorbed. Outside the exfoliating process makes the skin feel dry, so to increase the smear moisturizer to add moisture to seal in moisture.
tips: water frozen in the fridge, took out time to coat the ice, the more beneficial to shrink pores.
Exfoliating needed points to note:
1, note that exfoliating cycle
Usually one to two weeks will be exfoliating treatments.
2, exfoliation must pay attention to the sun
During horny must go after a good sunscreen, or will seriously according to melanin pigmentation.
Good exfoliating methods:
1. vinegar exfoliating milk
Vinegar and milk are mixed together can remove facial aging cuticle, first with warm water to open the pores of the face, and then mixed with vinegar and milk together, while flushing skin side massage.
2. The sugar scrub
Use sugar exfoliating facial massage can play a  role in the face with a hot towel for about 2 minutes, then take a tablespoon of sugar and a small amount of water are mixed together, then stir it applied to the face massage, about massage about 10 minutes, rinse off with warm water and sugar.

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