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How eyelashes longer?

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How eyelashes longer?
1. mascara
To get eyelashes become Laser Beauty Machine  the fastest way is to put on mascara, in the order of "first roots, then the middle, after the tip", and three times entrainment eyelashes, side edge clip and gently pulling upward. Then pick up the mascara brush horizontally in the direction of Z-shaped, while rotating the head while slowly moving up evenly. Finally, to enhance the effect, you can put up a root brush eyelash brush evenly, then brush the end of eye lashes and eyes, and eyelashes.
2. Paste false eyelashes
False eyelashes and your own eyes, the length to make a comparison, then cut off the excess on the hand holding the two, get a get, then it becomes radian painted eyelash glue, wait until after the semi-dry from the roots of eyelashes and eyes end of eye lash roots stick, fixed against the last remaining part of the roots of the lashes.
3. essential oils rubbed
Castor oil or olive oil applied to the roots of the lashes. Every night with castor oil or olive oil rubbed, can promote the growth of eyelashes, thick.
4. rubbed lemon peel
In a small lecythus added lemon peel debris, rubbed daily on the eyelashes, eyelash growth can have a certain effect, but the main thing is to make the lashes look more gorgeous.
5. Apply a liquid protein
Every night with a liquid protein smear eyelashes, eyelashes can enhance the strength and length.
6. Vaseline coated
Vaseline rubbed every night and morning to help prevent or correct eyelashes broken off, can often use Vaseline can make your eyelashes become beautiful, thick.
7. drink the leftover tea
Let cool to drink the leftover tea, before going to bed and the next morning, with a cotton swab moistened brush eyelashes, eyelashes growth effect can be achieved. Oh, you had better keep in mind this little secret.
8. Vitamin D
Night cut a vitamin D capsules, pat on the eyelids and eyelashes, once every three months, can produce significant results. Healthy growth principle eyelashes and eyebrows, in fact, the hair is the same, that is, are most in need of adequate nutrition, and vitamin A and D is the dimension of human growth and development of the necessary material, as long as the stick with vitamins AD compound, that is, commonly referred to as cod liver oil smear eyelashes or eyebrows, it can help its growth in the short term.
9. You can also use the VE Tu
Take one day pierce with a toothpick coated on the eyelashes. But this easy long fat, it is recommended to use old mascara bottle clean dressed, when applied with a brush just brush the eyelashes, the eyes will not get fat particles do not grow, it was with the old lip gloss Packed with a lip liner brush.
10. eyelash growth medium
After washing the face every night in the roots of eyelashes painted eyelash growth solution over time will slowly grow longer eyelashes. After the bath every night in the roots of eyelashes painted eyelash growth medium, to have a good effect, use 2 times a day.
Eyelashes how variable length? Want thick curly eyelashes fast, of course, the first two options, we want long eyelashes natural, that behind the 8 Ways to choose, the key is long-standing.

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