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15 Secret eye makeup

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Women like magic eyeliner, Laser hair removal machine eye contour gently sum can be changed, so that the eyes appear bigger and more God. So a lot of women even without makeup, not wearing eyeshadow and lipstick, it will draw on the eyeliner.
Eyeliner wide range of quality vary greatly, even claiming durable waterproof, sweat and eventually no match for wet weather. How can I draw a real and lasting all day ?? bright eyeliner than black eyeliner how should draw? Is there a way to draw beginners make perfect cat line? 15 today to tell you the secret of the lash line.
1. want to make a more lasting eyeliner? Except in the eyes sweep Suifen outside, you can select the liner in the same color of eye shadow, eyeliner Painting has good use of the fine print in the sweep.
2. Most people want to make a more lasting eyeliner Eyeliner protrude selection, but also because the hand is not enough to make the relationship given eyeliner Videos Debu smooth. This is the first time you can try to pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and then to follow the coating, this missed opportunity will be greatly reduced.
3. want to make relatively light-colored eye shadow better? Can first use a white eye shadow pen background and principle as when painting on white drawing paper, like painting more vivid than other colored paper.
4. do not want to spend too much money to buy different color eyeliner, in fact, you may be fine. Sweep hair slightly wet, and then stained with eye shadow to eyeliner.
5. As long as the eyeliner to bake lighter warm, you can use as eye shadow.
6. For you draw a perfectly smooth eyeliner too difficult? Even Videos Debu perfect, can also use the tip of a cotton swab for modification.
7. Another way is self eyeliner along the draw point, and then slowly connected into a smooth eyeliner.
8. If there is the beginning of the open eyeliner signs of skin color can be painted near the edge of eyeliner along the lash line.
9. wanted and no eyeliner pencil? In fact, the use of fine sweep mascara and eyeliner also! Can try tomorrow morning!
10. want to make eyeliner seems more natural, can be painted in small increments between eyelashes and eyelash color.
11. Want to try colorful eyeliner, do not want too exaggerated, it can then focus on the color front smudged at the end of eye position to do so eyes will seem bigger.
12. If your pencil is too soft and easy to break, can be used before the first pencil into the refrigerator for 10 minutes, so that the cartridge harden a little.
13. Simply on the original eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner to draw with glitter, you can quickly change the day night makeup makeup.
14. The cat's eye line to make more agile way is to draw on the front end of eye affixed adhesive tape, so that both sides of the tick can easily paint symmetrical.
15. Do you think that some began to draw eyeliner from the eye, wrong! The more long wanted to draw the liner, it must be at the end of eye began to draw, you will find the eyeliner is also easier to control.

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