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Ways woman freckle

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Stain troubled many female friends of the problem, some women friends spent a lot of money to go to beauty salons, buy skin care products have no effect? ​​So life in what can freckle it?
Method One: mashed potatoes freckle method
First, give you about freckle method is mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes, by attaining to freckle, their method is very simple, just use a prepared fresh potatoes, peeled and cut into the block, then get juice squeezed into a paste, taken into the container by adding the right amount of flour stirring, then add the right amount of milk, stir well.
After clean face, mixing good mashed potatoes deposited onto the face, almost twenty minutes after you can wash with water. You can also directly to the land, peeled, then cut into thin slices, wash the face piece of land directly to your face for ten minutes, then rinse with water, these methods of soil acne effect very good, because potatoes it contains a variety of vitamins, regular use can eliminate facial pigmentation.
Method Two: almond cream Method
The next is to introduce law almond cream, in fact, this soil method acne method with the use of the method described above are similar, simply take appropriate almonds, ground to a powder and then use the tool, and then take the right amount of egg whites are added stir almond end, every day before going to bed after a clean face, apply directly to the almond paste to the face, once a day, a month later, freckle effect will be particularly significant, this method of soil freckle affordable and convenient, it is worth test.
Daily freckle method
1, honey
Honey nutrients very thick, the level of long-term eating honey body of antioxidants will be greatly improved, learn varicose veins. Speckle. You can make the skin smooth and soft white, clever use. Ruddy face, but also blood. Ginger tea with honey production: buy ginger, methods for speckle.
Cut into small pieces, do not cut too broken. Put water into the pot to cook. After boil into tea, such as Keemun black tea, with 200-300 ml of water soak for 5-10 minutes (preferably at a temperature of about 45 ℃, so as not to destroy the activity of the enzyme in honey), can probably relatively warm inlet it's time to add some honey poured out.
2, tomato
You can also cook tomatoes either when the fruit to eat. It acidic juice can help balance the skin PH value, and thus play the role of whitening. In addition, some people if the skin is rough pounded tomato juice can be applied to the face, over a quarter of an hour after washing with water feeling, you can help to remove the dead skin of the face, but also freckle.
3, Apple
Apple is one of the common people seasonal fruit, its cosmetic effect is recognized by everyone. But many people do not know that there is a good freckle effect. This is mainly due to the effect of its own internal nutrients produced, comprising 0.3% of the proteins in apples, 0.4% fat, 0.9% crude fiber containing a wide variety of minerals, aromatic alcohols and the like. Therefore, eat apples can dilute the facial melasma.
Ingredients freckle method
First, the egg and vinegar freckle method
When it comes to fast freckle method, where small series have a good way to introduce this egg vinegar freckle, how to eliminate the face chloasma, first, an egg and a bottle of vinegar, egg wash after into a clean container, add six hundred ml vinegar, seal soaked in a month, until the egg shell is completely dissolved vinegar after you eat.
A good way to take a teaspoon a day, add some warm water to adjust even after eating, eat once a day, a month later, you will find a lot of delicate skin, dilute the stain followed, may want to try this freckle freckle Oh!
Second, cucumber aloe cream Method
Among the many fast freckle method, there is a particularly good way of natural beauty cream - how to eliminate the face chloasma, freckle method cucumber aloe, aloe vera plant is a very good skin care, skin care are often used by everyone, this fast freckle method is actually quite simple, just select fresh aloe leaf and cucumber.
These two clean after the juice into the machine pressed into juice, add the eggs and pour into a clean container, appropriate pearl powder, stir into a paste, after clean face, spread evenly throughout the face, almost fifteen minutes the mixture becomes dry face can be cleaned with warm water, twice a week, you will find that this method works particularly fast freckle Ay!
Third, lemon honey Blemish
No cost freckle methods are very large, how to eliminate the face melasma. Xiaobian give you beautiful women who want to introduce honey freckle freckle method using honey to achieve the purpose of freckle. This no cost freckle method is very simple, just prepare a small cup of fresh lemon juice with two spoonfuls of honey.
The two spoonfuls of honey into a clean container, via a two-minute warm-water, and then added a small cup of lemon juice, mix well. After clean face, spread evenly throughout the face, etc. Second Fifteen minutes later, with warm water to clean. This honey freckle face can be cleanly removed melanin, to freckle purposes.
Fourth, the tomato honey Blemish
Next comes this way is no cost freckle freckle tomato honey, prepare a fresh tomato, two teaspoons of honey, a spoonful of flour, tomato, peeled, squeeze out the tomato juice, add honey and stir well, then add flour, tune into a paste, after clean face, the batter will be applied to the face, wash with warm water half a child, this method can be used for a long freckle honey, you can make our skin become white and tender smooth, freckle effect particularly good.
V. smear plant freckle cream
Plant is a freckle freckle rise in recent years, with its outstanding results, the concept of security was highly appraised with good reputation freckle people. Freckle plant to plant roots, stems, leaves, branches, flowers as raw materials, timely harvesting seasons and cook, according to the theory and techniques of modern plant beauty plants produced freckle products, so that freckle from inside to outside, transferred outside the rule table in both, clean thoroughly.
How can we effectively speckle
Clean skin before bedtime to wash out the tender white
Work during the day, not only consume large brain, skin nutrient loss is great. Radiation dust in the air, computer, unknown bacteria that can cause rapid loss of skin moisture, so skin looks dark dark light, is the enemy of skin lightening. So before going to bed it is best to use cleansing facial cleanser whitening moisturizing effect.
Skin care products can not be less Toner
Many MM ignore this step basic  skin care lotion step that not much use, it is quite wrong! In fact Toner have good clean water action. Do secondary cleaning lotion or Toner, in order to completely remove residual cleaning products, while promoting skin's ability to absorb the next product. Natural skin hydrated becomes more soft white, and vice versa, it will worsen dry skin pigmentation, so toner is essential.
Whitening freckle key
Whitening holy grail lies whitening essence, thoroughly clean the skin, the need to allow the skin to absorb most adequate nutrition. Whitening whitening cream can be used at night, so that the skin in the enjoyment of beauty sleep properly absorb whitening cream whitening cream.

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