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Woman facial pores prone to acne

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The main reason is because the rough skin pores lead to excessive secretion of sebum. Pores is usually due to hormone secretion disorder, excessive stress and environmental pollution, the cleaning work is not done and other causes. In addition, with age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, the lack of support structures around the hair follicles, but also very easy to make pores appear larger.
First, large pores how to do?
Large pores There are different types, the first detection of large pores types.
End your pores detection type, we will for the category,  Beauty Machine so you know you Cause pores. Of course, how to shrink facial pores The most important thing for the category exclusively for your pores maintenance.
1. Causes of aging type pores
The so-called Y-shaped pores is aging type pores, Niu Er said that if you are a young man or blocking the pores of oil, it is easy as they age, loss of body collagen to form oval aging type pores.
2. Maintenance
Replenish collagen is often the best way to deal with this type of pores, because there will be aging pores, because facial skin relaxation caused by, but if you still accompanied by excessive oil phenomenon, a complex pore products will be best for you. As for the medical aspects of beauty treatments, if aging pores is not obvious, you can choose pulsed light to improve; if the pores of the problem is very serious people who may want to use RF power will see good results.
3, focus on maintenance
People will be old, the pores will also loose, inelastic, through replenish collagen, the sagging pores has been presented again propped up, as if to get rid of the middle-aged context weathered old sample.
Second, shrink pores basic skills are there?
1, the correct cleaning
To prevent pores, the most important thing  is to thoroughly clean work. When cleaning with a cleansing oil to dissolve dirt pores, and then a lot of foam cleaning soap or cleaning products. After cleaning, pay attention to moisture, so that cells filled with water, the pores naturally shrink. There are a number of acne on the market convergence water pores have the effect of, or convergence lotion containing witch hazel ingredients have pores convergence effect. In addition to the basic cleaning every morning and evening, there is a weekly must do homework: 1 to 2 times a week exfoliating relaxation aging pores; in order to restore the skin's elasticity. In addition to painted skin care products, once a week with moisturizing massage cream to massage the bottom up, from the inside out, so ingredients penetrate the underlying skin.
2. Young Sambo
Women over thirty years, the years began to leave marks on the face, then the skin care products alone is not enough. Exercise, sleep, drink plenty of water is the only way to maintain beautiful. Woman fine lines on the skin, large pores, derived from excessive pressure due. When a person is under pressure, Vice adrenaline will increase, and it gets the skin are also affected. To solve these skin problems, we must exercise, proper and adequate sleep and leisure, to restore the skin's luster and elasticity.
To young and beautiful, not only to the face mad rub skin care products, the simplest and most easily overlooked two things: slept eight hours a day, every day, drink eight glasses of water is the most fundamental way. Because people will be sleeping at the time of growth hormone secretion, to maintain skin elasticity and luster; and stay in air-conditioned room for a long period, it is likely to cause dry skin, fine lines, so it is important to add water, the normal laws of life and exercise is to avoid skin aging important criteria; daily exercise, exercise a week for three days, every 30 minutes, to persevere to get their own have a good body, good color.
3, ground deposition mask
The next day after the removal of horny choose deep clean the skin pores and convergence of the mask, and then deposited after wiping off the ice lotion, pore-shrinking effect is established. Shrink pores can also be made of the surface covered agent, mixing a spoonful of skim milk, half a spoonful of honey, add a protein, a thick coating on the face after 10-15 minutes stirring evenly.
If you go out there to catch a magic bullet: a protein hit the blistering, foam better, then these proteins in the face coated with a thin layer, until all dry directly on the makeup to cover up the pores of the effect is very it is good.

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