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How to sleep
1, good bedtime conditioning
We want to keep Cheap Beauty Machine  in mind before going to bed peaceful, relax, avoid high intensity of mental activity, not excited, anxious, and do not indulge laughing. In addition, before going to bed is best not to eat, but can not eat very full. In the Chinese view, "Stomach Insomnia" If eating before bed can affect our sleep, especially as coffee, chocolate, tea, etc. can affect sleep, food to avoid eating.
2, to create a good sleep environment
Good sleep environment is very beneficial to sleep, good sleep environment should be quiet, gentle, avoid noise, studies have found that sleep noise, make our heart rate, blood pressure, easy for people to become irritable , uneasy in such an environment, people will be much slower to sleep, on the contrary in a quiet ease, people fall asleep faster, if we can add some soft music, people can accelerate the speed of sleep.
3, pay attention to the sleeping position
Everyone has their own habit sleep position, when some people sleep very quiet not tamper with, what kind of sleep, wake up to what is, and some people a night to move about, and the best sleep position It can make you sleep more comfortable. In the Chinese view, the best sleep position is to the right side, legs slightly varicose, this sleeping position will allow us to relax the muscles of the body, our heart on the left, the right to sleep can also reduce the heart's oppression, while food can also help advance direction toward the duodenum. You can take the train right side lying sleep habits.
4, pay attention to sleep position
TCM also very particular about sleep position, in the Chinese view, the East is a yang master liter, West Yin main fall, spring and summer Yang Yang, autumn and winter Yin, spring and summer should head east lie, you should head to the autumn season West lying. In home health seems, sleeping head is not lying to the north, it will hurt yang.
Sleep food
1, millet
Millet is a good sleep food, Chinese medicine, millet has a hypnotic, spleen, and stomach effect, it is rich in nutrients, while millet tryptophan content is first in all kinds of grains, edible method is very simple, millet and water congee, when eating dinner or before going to bed to eat.
2, Xianou
Xianou contains vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates, etc., Chinese medicine, lotus root Chufan role, nourishing, heat can be treated deficiency insomnia. Usage: Xianou rotten simmer over low heat, then sliced, coated with an appropriate amount of honey, taken at any time.
3, lettuce
Lettuce contains a milky slurry, this slurry is not toxic, but also calming, sedative effect, it is suitable for neurasthenia insomnia taking. Usage: Peel and slice with lettuce, add and boil, soup before going to bed with sleep effect.

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