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How summer skin care

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Summer skin care how? Summer heat prone skin subject to greater impact resistance of the skin is reduced, bacteria can easily invade, causing dry, allergies, acne and other undesirable phenomena. Moreover, the strong ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the skin, resulting in pigmentation. So, mm their summer skin care is urgent.
1 deep clean the skin
Summer skin conservation, the first is to keep the skin clean. Wash your face twice a day generally appropriate, and appropriately increase the frequency of use in accordance with scrub case, at least one week to do a major cleaning of the skin, complete removal of aging skin cells so that new skin is exposed outside.
Tips: Cleansing Milk containing salicylic acid is very suitable for oily skin clean to use.
2 Note that anti-sun spots
Sunscreen is the most important summer skin care. Can be coated with a high SPF sunscreen on exposed areas of the skin, the skin delicate parts, such as eyes around the throat, face and back of the hand, etc. to be painted some more sunscreen, wear a hat when going out, parasol and sunglasses. Xia Jisheng easy to spot people, to try to avoid prolonged outdoor activities, twice a week with whitening essence, it prevents spots.
3 essential hydration
Using moisturizing skin care products at the same time, but also to drink plenty of water (up to not more than 2L, a minimum of not less than 800ml), a woman, after all, is to maintain the water is the most fundamental source from the inside to the outside.
Tips: moisturizing dry skin care focus, as containing glycerol, olive oil, skin care ingredients, it is very suitable for dry skin crush their use.
4 whitening work to put in place
Summer should be replaced with a basic skin care products whitening effect of skin care products, such as whitening lotion, whitening day cream, night cream and other white; eat foods containing pigment, especially a variety of tempting drinks and ice cream; special attention to hands, feet , neck and other parts of the body easy to overlook, before applying sunscreen lotion should be painted white base for these sites.
5 Note oily skin oil control
Summer to carry make-up wipes, often wipe the skin with a dry paper towel to keep clean the skin surface to prevent oil clog pores. People with oily skin, makeup can be used when the oil control lotion or skin conditioning fluid balance in order to keep the skin dry, avoid using oily cosmetics.
6 Select the appropriate cosmetics
Summer skin care creams should not be quality of oil, but should be used in a number of quality cosmetics, such as lotions, honey and the like. After cleansing according to their skin, choose the appropriate make-up water, pat the face, then apply face cream, and replenish lost moisture. Note that, when using the emulsion nutrient gel, as far as possible and must be thin, in order to avoid dirt and sweat together and clog the pores of skin irritation.
7 seasonal fruit surface covered
Fruits and vegetables are skin care brings natural raw materials, cucumber slices or rind can be used directly rubbed the face, can also be some vegetables such as tomatoes, gourd and other smashed juice applied to the face, it will not only be able to play clean the skin, beautifying face role, as well as the effect of prevention and treatment of skin abnormalities summer.
8 intake of cold drinks in moderation
Cold drink too much, it will not only affect the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, but also impede the uptake of nutrients skin, prone to dry skin, sagging skin, dermatitis, acne, wrinkles.
9 to prevent mosquito bites
Avoid mosquito bites, is the summer evenings the most troublesome thing. These small insects not only affect sleep, can also spread disease, causing various damage to the skin. Therefore, keep the indoor space clean.
10 sun work can not save
After the skin is subjected to exposure to return indoors, wash immediately with cold water, brush. If the eyes, facial skin is exposure, it can be used ice cold compress or cucumber massage, relieve sunburn and have repair the skin.
Summer skin care how? Whether you are neutral, oily,  cheap beauty machine dry or sensitive muscle should draw attention to this issue seriously, the United States is their own, must not be hasty.

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