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What are the advantages of IPL?

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Over time, after 25-year-old woman to the skin slowly getting old, wrinkles and spots, and so began a series of skin problems, which undoubtedly is a blow to women's self-confidence, so they began to use a variety of ways to make their skin changes.
Why IPL popular performance advantage in what?
1, the photon-photon rejuvenation technique using energy can penetrate intact skin pigment group hemoglobin and tissue selectivity and intravascular absorption in tissue without damaging normal cells, so that expansion of the blood vessels, pigment clumps of pigment cells are destroyed and decomposed, so as to achieve speckle whitening, redness effect.
2, treatment using photons produced in the skin tissue photothermal effect and photochemical role to promote collagen and elastic fibers of the newborn and rearrange the facial skin to restore elasticity, wrinkles, eliminate or reduce the pores shrink. Which play anti-aging skin and skin rejuvenation effect.
3, since it has a strong penetration, so that photons can be effectively applied to the skin's sebaceous glands, regulating and inhibiting sebaceous gland function, improve oily skin.
4, the photon intensity can penetrate the Photorejuvenation  skin to reach the lesion site, with its light energy and photochemical effects kill invading bacteria, to achieve its anti-acne bactericidal effect.
5, the photon energy can penetrate the skin, directly to the skin deep hair follicle, destroying the hair hair center, so as to achieve the role of skin hair removal.

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