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Great Men's Skin Care Law

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If your thinking is still stuck in the skin just thought that the girls may live OUT Oh! Men should also take good care of their skin. But as men indeed difficult to spend a lot of time like the ladies in the skin, then take a look at my presentation method it easy men's skin care.
Men's skin care is now a growing trend, and close male friends gradually began to pay attention to maintenance, but most of the guys, it's really hard to like a female friend to spend time in the maintenance of the above, but in the hot summer to do the most basic skin care is still very necessary. Here is the introduction of men's skin care method:
Cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection Photorejuvenation is everyone familiar with the maintenance of the basic three-step, most of the male friends do is clean up this step, because most of the boys will be at least do face this action. Here would suggest male friends in the choice of cleaning products, you can choose clean power a little more gentle product, do not let the facial skin is too dry after washing have the feeling this will cause excessive cleaning resulting in sebum membrane damage.
Moisturizing part, I think that depends on the individual skin type to choose. If the skin is oily boys, you can use relatively fresh lotion or gel products to achieve the moisturizing effect. Boys too dry skin may need some more hydrating and moisturizing lotion or cream, of course, you can add a front or lotion or essence, do not think that each product should be used, is there to do maintenance.
Sunscreen part, I believe that the majority of male friends, almost all less likely to wear sunscreen, boys generally have the opportunity to rub sunscreen most of the time, probably in the summer go to the beach for fear of sunburn when it! Sun did not do, may cause pigmentation, the formation of spots, dull skin aging, wrinkles, acne is more severe, and may even cause sunburn chance of skin cancer, it can not not pay attention to the sun Oh!
Many girls do not like your boyfriend beard, I feel a little dirty and decadent, 808nm diode laser hair removal machine  with or without a beard, washing the face every morning, followed by shaving should earnestly work.
Choose to use an electric shaver is equipped with one of the most rapid and effective correction beard. Be around, floating head design, can be a good fit with the curve of the face, two head design makes shaving superior results, with 30 degrees inside the head of gold at an acute angle cutting, use more secure. Able body washed, clean and very convenient. Add the body of the rubber grip handle, it can effectively slip, so that even if hands soiled with water, do not be afraid to fall, very humane.

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