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The skin may be disfigured

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The skin may be disfigured
Somebody is always complaining, why are surrounded by beautiful women, then he is "ugly duckling." The following 13 malfunction, as long as you do not, you can say goodbye to "Ugly" as the "beauty." And if you are "beauty", we made the following mistakes, laser wash eyebrow  we must wait for change "ugly" the. Let our experts provide you a brief malfunction skin, hoping to
Skin malfunction:
1, own to eliminate the "acne"
Frequency of occurrence: Almost every person longer than acne, there squeeze acne experience. Long-term effects of skin infections leave pock. Own squeeze acne prone inflamed, leaving pock. Faced with acne must resist the temptation of hand. You know, a nasty acne appear and disappear from time, but two or three days, but if it is caused by infection racking, pock disappearance time a month or even longer.
2, trying to unplug acne
Frequency of occurrence: Many people think that acne appears on behalf of the pores in the dirt, so to thoroughly clean. Long-term impact of larger pores of skin damage. Dirt within the pores of the tearing-type mask, at any stage of acne is not suitable for use. They only trigger sensitive inflamed, causing enlarged pores, sagging skin, causing further damage to the skin. Not when inflamed acne, use some soothing mask touches can help accelerate acne disappear, all that remains is: be patient.
3, expressive
The frequency: when they speak or do facial expressions, exaggerated a little will happen. Stave long-term effects on his forehead quietly emerged. Any action to pull the skin wrinkles will be repeated many times, even when you blink or eyebrow speak.
4, hand brace face
Frequency of occurrence: during the meeting, when reading, the head a bit dizzy, this action is very common. Long-term effects will generate permanent wrinkles. When Tuosai, palms pressed against the face can cause the skin of his face was pulled, it is prone to wrinkles. The most frightening thing is that this action once the cause of wrinkles, can is permanent, unlike the dry skin caused by fine lines, fine lines. That is, the wrinkles with skin care products more expensive it is difficult to easily eliminate.
5, apply mask timeout
Frequency of occurrence: Some people think that with time and the effect is proportional to the deposition, some people often forget is the time. Long-term impact of dry skin, allergies, will grow old. Apply mask before unmissable instructions, usually the face mask in the residence time should not exceed 15 minutes. After a timeout deposition mask, the mask will absorb moisture from the skin upside down, and also to put the pores "mask", affecting the skin to absorb nutrients and secrete oil, causing allergies.
6, the dessert as a meal
The frequency: when will be eager to improve this skin condition. Long-term effects caused by skin weak unbearable. Star said mask every day to do, so many people do mask every day, that this is the best means of skin care. In fact, frequently deposited mask, the skin will only make the burden too heavy, causing the skin weak and hypoxia. Mask position in skin care program, like desserts position in the food intake, delicious, can not replace meals. Deposited with the mask every day is not a good skin care method, twice a week to do enough.
7, too superstitious DIY
Frequency of occurrence: DIY facial mask recipe everywhere, everywhere someone. Long-term effects of skin allergies and damage. Excessive fruit, yogurt, honey and other natural ingredients believed caused the wave of DIY mask, in fact, against the skin, it is not a small risk, because the raw materials and DIY mask tool and not as clean and safe imagined, and some added material weight and concentration is difficult to grasp. There is a woman in Taiwan, due to the deposition mask with DIY almost disfigured! So if you are not very experienced, or not to DIY regarded as a beauty secret magic, just put a bunch of good food deposited on the face.
8, with fingers dug mask
Frequency of occurrence: a large pot mask hand drawn, then naturally enough. Long-term effects of pollution mask makes the skin worse. Do you think your hands are clean, but that's just your illusion. Hands of the bacteria, a lot of dust,  RF tubel co2 Fractional laser then enter the mask mask will cause quality deterioration, pollution whole pot. And if a large mouth mask packaging, the use of any of its mouth wide open contact with the air is wrong, skincare pollution can cause deterioration of the skin. When using a mask or other skin care products should try to avoid direct hand contact with the product, or alcohol to disinfect hands, you can also pick with a clean stick or spoon access. If too lazy to bother, then select the tightly packed, the amount of time the dispensing of the product better.
9, a preference for the side of teeth
Frequency of occurrence: If someone has this habit, then three meals a day will be maintained. Long-term impact of left-right asymmetry of the size of the face was born. Because for some time because of some personal hobby or toothache on a long-term unilateral chewing habit, they will often chew the food side of the facial muscles grow stronger and stronger, while the other side of the facial muscles that are not used due to degraded. Over time, it will result in different sizes around the face to form a "size" face! Come on, in a woman's face, the asymmetry is not personality, but beautiful taboo.
10, wrinkled his nose
Frequency of occurrence: often seen smiling or laughing when. Long-term impact of young girls is also president of wrinkles. The earliest parts of the face wrinkles, is often affected by the expression of muscle affects the site, like the end of eye, now, eyebrows, forehead and so on. There are lines by the skin when touched, but as long as the expression reply lines disappeared, it did not have to worry. For a long time expression lines disappear, you begin to pay attention.
11, squinting
Will be squinting when not clear when the sun glare, grimace cute when: frequency of occurrence. Long-term impact of crow's feet to climb the corner. Eye skin thickness of only 1/4 of the average thickness of the skin of the body, it is easy to generate wrinkles caused due to poor expression. To reduce eye wrinkles after 10 years, the degree of myopia beauty sure to wear the right glasses, and when you go out you have to wear sunglasses, not for the beautiful, but to prevent you unconsciously become a "squint in the sun . "
12, the eyelids when the rubber band
Frequency of occurrence: eyes feel unwell, make-up, apply eye cream
When inevitably pull the eyelids. Long-term effects eye wrinkles increased significantly. Lash line or wear contact lenses most likely to pull the eyelids, followed when smear cream practices error. In any case, we should try to avoid pulling the skin around the eyes, wrinkles may otherwise find on you! Ring finger when applying eye cream application, because it is the least forceful of a finger. Technique is to gently press down to help absorb, rather than around the applicator.
13, only buy a bottle of liquid makeup
Frequency of occurrence: mostly because of negligence or misuse. Long-term impact of multiple concurrent eye problems. Eye and facial skin is different, so the makeup ingredients are different. Dedicated to Eye Makeup Remover Oil-free, PH value and similar tears, in order to ensure not to provoke mild eye. If you plan to save money, save trouble, will face Makeup Remover for the eyes, not only will stimulate the skin, can also cause pigmentation, fat granule formation. In addition, when removing eye makeup must be gentle soft again, with the help of a piece of cotton and cotton down carefully removes eye makeup.

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