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Men skin care acne cosmetic method

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How men skin care acne? In the traditional concept of thinking, skin care seems a woman's patents, men tend to ignore the skin clean, long-term accumulation of oil can not be cleaned, the pores are more prone to acne.
After Zhangdou reason male puberty, male hormones and  laser wash eyebrow increased stimulation of sebaceous glands, secretions increase, if the hair follicles blocked, did not break out secretions accumulate in the hair follicle is easy to the formation of acne.
keep clean
In order not to Zhangdou, lazy men with particular attention to personal hygiene, and bedding, such as: quilts, Rudan, pillows plus face towels, etc. should always be kept clean. Conditional case, it is best after sun exposure, because UV is having to kill bacteria, disinfection role.
Right face
Many men's skin care methods like simply take a towel to wipe or soap to wash your face, thinking that facilitate easy and can be washed off the face of the oil. In fact, this approach is completely wrong, not only can not remove the dirt inside the pores, soap in the soap does great harm to the skin, causing the skin is too dry, and produce more oil, causing more acne.
Eating fast food
Instant meals, snacks and other junk food can easily lead to constipation, it is apt to cause acne. Eat more vegetables, fruits, etc., nutritionally balanced diet is also important.
Do not squeeze pimples
Do not squeeze pimples. Men often long pox, will put in acne pus or white particles of grease squeezed out, it feels cool, and seems acne will disappear faster, but this will result in a face wound injuries, including pit , dark spots, blush, a section of the formation of blood vessels to dilate capillaries, and easily repeated pox in the same place. In fact, if itchy hold back, do not touch it, wait twenty-three weeks, RF tubel co2 Fractional laser  or at the beginning of a pox on the use of acne products, it suggested the use of Ruishi Ke Qing Ting pox full effect combinations, dries quickly help acne, no stimulation, also do not leave scars.
enough sleep
Get enough sleep. To know men and women, good sleep is very important for the skin. Sleeping well, oil the skin will secrete more, thus acne can grow more, will face is gray. So do not stay up late, try to go to bed at 11 o'clock, because the skin's metabolism is usually carried out from two in the morning at 23 o'clock. Put your biological clock to adjust, it will not be easy Zhangdou.

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