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Daily stain prevention and diet

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Long spot many women who become a worry, Beauty machines  especially working women who face the computer all day, it is easy to grow stain, how to effectively prevent the stain it? Stain prevention diet, what does?
Today, the face of the computer every day, we face more and more spots appear, to many of my friends brought trouble, according to the survey of female friends have more than thirty percent of people have the problem of stain, color plaques appear not only had an impact on facial appearance, returned to the patient's mental tremendous pressure.
Preventing computer stains appear?
For regular access to the Internet, an increase of nutrition is very important. Vitamin B is very beneficial for mental, if sleep late, sleep quality is not good, should eat liver, fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin B group substances.
In addition, meat, fish, dairy products also helps to increase memory; chocolate, wheat donut, seafood, dried fruits can enhance the coordination of the nervous system, it is the best snacks while surfing the web. From time to time to drink wolfberry juice and carrot juice, to keep eyes, skin effect is also very significant. If you are very conscious about their looks, then quickly abandon those carbonated drinks, drink carrot juice or change other fresh juices.
In addition, tummy sleep time to remember to shut down the computer, not just turn off the screen only. In fact, the keyboard is more powerful than the display of radiation, just turn off the screen can not prevent radiation, and we are tummy sleeping, head directly into the keyboard clearly into the errors, and quickly correct such bad habits!
Freckle arrangements in the daily diet diet dishes, unswervingly oral vitamin C and vitamin E, do not smoke, do not drink. Vitamin C and vitamin E is extremely cheap, is most effective in improving the nutritional elements of dark spots, but also the prevention of both melanin reduction effect can also help the growth of collagen, nourish the skin and play antioxidant, prevent premature skin aging.
Participate in appropriate physical activity, often with natural plant care, massage the face, improve skin microcirculation, endocrine regulation, activation of cell viability, promote metabolism, increase skin absorption of nutrients, and clear the meridians, balance of yin and yang, qi and blood effect, for stain prevention have a good effect.
Effective prevention stain diet
1, eat a vitamin C and vitamin E, can be achieved freckle role.
2, the eggplant skin with a clean attaining a period of time, small spots less noticeable.
3, drink a glass of tomato juice or tomato commonly used daily to prevent the freckle has a good effect. Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione, glutathione inhibit melanin, the pigment so calm diminish or disappear.
4, wash your face in the water and add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar, reduce the role of pigmentation there.
5, the distinct radish provision broken Ji Zhi, take 10-30 ml daily on the evening after washing face painting, to be dry, clean. In addition, the daily drink a cup of carrots, can whiten the skin.
6, I stir the lemon juice, add sugar moderate drinking. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C,  Laser freckle calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Often drink lemon juice can not only beautify the skin, but also to make melanin, to freckle role.
Attention to the sun, especially in the summer, a good sunscreen is necessary to measure women to maintain perfect skin. Increased activity of the sun can cause melanoma increased basal layer melanin content, formation of dark spots. Summer sun enough, pigmentation frequent, increasing the number of spots, and dark, larger damage; low winter sun, reduce the number of spots, color fades, damage reduced. Seen the sun is a necessary factor in the occurrence of stain, so patients should avoid prolonged sun exposure.

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