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What woman sleeping beauty sleep

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Beauty sleep can sleep a woman's best side,  RF beauty machine but do not know a lot of sister paper beauty sleep also pay attention to some details. The same is sleeping beauty sleep, why people can sleep so beautiful? In fact, these are all reasons, the former beauty sleep sleep 8 details to note.

       Be sure to sleep beauty sleep before 23 o'clock at night time is usually 10:00 to 2:00 the next day, get a better night's sleep at this time, can accelerate skin metabolism, slow down skin aging. Not to fall asleep before 23 o'clock, in fact, missed the best time of skin metabolism.

Dinner should avoid alcohol salt

Sleeping beauty sleep before dinner, be sure to choose low-salt and non-alcoholic drinks. Be sure to reduce the amount of water before going to bed, and woke up the next morning to avoid puffy eyes and bags under the eyes or the face to produce, if drink some flavor drinks, try drinking fennel tea, mint tea or kumquat tea, these are help relieve flatulence.

Beauty sleep should be thoroughly cleaned before face

Before sleeping beauty sleep should thoroughly clean the face makeup and dirt, the use of professional make-up remover to remove the face, without makeup, but also need to use a deep cleansing facial cleanser to thoroughly clean the face, because facial skin through the day dust occurs, the computer radiation face covered with all kinds of dirt, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin can not be blocked pores, pigmentation and other issues.

Eye required before beauty sleep

Former beauty sleep should use eye cream, eye cream before you can start using soaked tea bag pressed on the eyelids for 10 minutes, then apply eye cream in the eye, with the way point pressure massage skin around the eye, which can effectively prevent black eye and eliminate eye fatigue.

Available hot foot bath before going to bed

Feet with hot water before going to bed can, in the toes, feet, feet massage repeatedly, one can relieve fatigue, but also to promote the body's blood circulation, these are a good way to help sleeping beauty sleep.

Sleeping Beauty nude help

Can enhance the secretion of Pi naked skin and sweat glands, is conducive to skin excretion and regeneration, enhance the skin's immunity and adaptation in the tender. Naked can also make people feel relaxed, without any sense of restraint.

Humidifier can help beauty sleep

Before sleeping beauty sleep can be placed in the room humidifier to  Photorejuvenation keep indoor air moisture level, which can effectively prevent the problem of dry skin of the face. If the sister paper were unable to sleep at 11 o'clock before you can try to use some Zhumian products such as lavender essential oil, milk, etc., but do not use sleeping pills.

Turn off the lights to help beauty sleep

Be sure to turn off the lights at night to sleep, because the cells need a thing called melatonin repair itself, and the night light shines on the retina, it will greatly reduce melatonin production, which affects the skin repair. In the dark listening to music or meditation, can be a good way to relax tense nerves. So, turn on the lights to quit the habit of sleeping.

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