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7 simple and practical method for wrinkle removal

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-22

Women are always very concerned about their skin problems, when spots grow wrinkled face or how to do? Teach you some wrinkles spot removers little knowledge of it.

Wrinkles are the enemy of beauty, in order to keep people RF tubel co2 Fractional laser youthful appearance, since ancient times tried the method. However, the anti-wrinkle coup there in life the details. Here to tell you

7 very practical Wrinkle methods:

1, their backs
   American Academy of Dermatology reminded positional increases wrinkles on cheeks and chin, and tummy sleeping gully aspect makes your forehead. Therefore, the best backs.

2 Do not squint look things
Dermatology think, squinting look something like the face of such repetitive games so overworked facial muscles, and ultimately the formation of wrinkles. So if you see, I put on the right glasses.

3, eat more fish
Especially salmon. Salmon and other deep-sea fish is not only an important source of protein, they also enriched in one gamma -3 Mingjiao Ou Mi essential fatty acids which can nourish the skin, helps to reduce wrinkles.

4, to replace the coffee with cocoa powder
Two kinds of cocoa rich in flavanols can protect the skin from sun burns, improve circulation, protect the skin moisture, make skin feel smoother.

5, eat more fruits and vegetables
American Studies at Tulane University found that vitamin C can increase collagen synthesis and prevent UVA and UVB damage to the skin, correct hyperpigmentation, improve skin inflammation.

6, do not over-wash
Skin expert at the University of Maryland Medical Center, believes that too much face, will wash away the skin's natural protective oils and moisture.

7, eat soy
Studies have shown that soy can help protect or treat part of photoaging damage, improve skin tissue, making it more compact. In addition, the experts stressed that the Code must adhere to the basic skin care, including sunscreen, not smoking, using body lotion, etc., so that they are most effective.