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How to dilute the lip

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How to dilute the lip
Lips should be careful skin care, which means facial machine there are women who can dilute the lip of it? In doing lip care before, let us look at the significant increase in the lip, dark lip reasons for it.
Whether male or female, in fact, been tormented lips: external stimuli, environmental pollution, drying system, even a bottle of juice, a cigarette will hurt the delicate lip, even in daily delicious, lips will leave the contact of the lip. So how dilute the lip it?
In doing lip care before, let us look at the significant increase in the lip, dark lip reasons:
1, no subcutaneous fat lip gland does not secrete its own moisture and grease. Event of dry weather, the lips are the most vulnerable to sensitive parts.
2,80% of men believe that a woman's lips is one of the sexiest parts of the body.
3, lip skin and eye equally vulnerable to the sun's ultraviolet rays no resistance, but also the most exposed age and aging skin.
How to dilute the lip 1 trick: focus Lip Makeup Remover
Felt lip color too deep, muddy people, the biggest taboo is to not use lipstick lasting not fade, so every time before lip cosmetics, the best selection of the degree of moisture enough lip balm first base, reduce irritation when applied to the lips lipstick. Note also that a thorough remover, without excessive friction lips.
How to dilute the lip 2 strokes: wipe olive oil
Olive oil can be used before going to bed, the effect of moisture is good, but pay attention to absorb the like period of time, about 20 minutes of it, then go to bed, or you'll get it on the pillow.
How to dilute the lip 3 strokes: Tu honey
Honey has a strong moisturizing effect of rejuvenation, very suitable for ipl machine  lip moisture and protection. When the lips feel dry, honey coated in thin lips, leave for 20 minutes.
How to dilute the lip 4 strokes: pay attention to diet
Drink plenty of water, especially long-term work in air-conditioned room of women who have to pay attention, do not wait until thirsty to drink water again reminded, the best use of multiple methods for the wonderful drink. But also eat fruits, vegetables, adequate intake of vitamins. In addition, eat spicy food lit, so lips foaming.
How to dilute the lip 5 strokes: lip aerobics
Lips to maintain the "ah" sound for 5 seconds; holding "hey" sound after 5 seconds, relax; and then forced to maintain the "o" sound for 5 seconds; the last to maintain "a" and "house" sound shape of each 5 seconds, repeat more than five minutes operation.

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