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Facial oil control is an important issue

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More female friends skin type is oily,  hair laser machine  dressed up in the morning there will be no noon, especially in summer, oily skin most annoying. It is necessary to correct oil control, not just organs choice of skin care products, but also pay attention to avoid oil control errors.
Myth: Oil is the most important issue to
Long-term excessive oil control will result in decreased skin resistance, skin deteriorates. Oil skin care products in the choice of the time, careful zinc sulfate, aluminum chloride, alcohol, mint oil control ingredients. The first two effects are temporary coagulation of keratin, which blocked the "Mao hole", so meticulous pores instantly changed, rather than a true oil control, long-term use skin becomes worse. The latter two are dissolved skin oils, the skin play a refreshing effect, nor is it an effective way to control oil, but also make the skin sensitive, and truly fat reduction is "conditioning oil secretion."
Myth: always use oil-absorbing paper suction
Frequent use of oil-absorbing paper, the skin will receive a "starvation" signal, but to stimulate skin oil. In fact, sebaceous glands secrete oil is mainly in charge of hormones, with oil products and oil on paper are not related, but the skin surface skin is in need of an appropriate amount of grease protection, frequently suction may actually have decreased skin resilience.
Use oil-absorbing paper time to pay attention, do not pull the skin, try using Tap way. In addition, some sunscreen itself is oil soluble, oil on paper is very easy to be taken away. You can choose light or loose powder sunscreen having SPF values ​​in the use of oil-absorbing paper later, thus reducing the proliferation of cases of skin shiny again.
Myth: wash your face can clean pores
Wash your face too often, easy to destroy the fat, the amount of oil the skin of "bodyguard" to protect the skin is not susceptible to external stimuli penetrate substances and ease the damage. When you regardless of skin damage, clean crazy, it might feel clean, but in fact has caused damage to the skin.
These oil control errors, we understand that bullying will blindly oil control damage, make the skin more sensitive, so they will pay attention. Ready to use oil on paper, will stimulate the secretion of oil. Wash face clean, good sleep, in fact, the skin and causing injury. So we need to avoid these errors oil control, so as not to damage the skin.

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