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Aloe how beauty?

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Aloe how beauty? Aloe Vera in the beauty industry has always ipl machine   been highly respected natural skin care to share, know how clever use of aloe vera, not only can play a cosmetic effect, but also to improve the skin has obvious effect.
First, facials
This is with aloe leaf juice, sooner or later, even the face, 15-20 minutes or so, it needs to stick to it, and then make the facial skin smooth, white, supple, as well as the treatment of melasma, freckles, age spots effect.
Second, the aloe moisturizer
Materials: 250 grams of aloe leaves, cucumber 1, egg, flour and sugar.
Method: 1. Wash after the aloe leaf and cucumber slices were crumbled, respectively with gauze wrapped squeeze out the juice, juice with.
2. Place the eggs into the bowl, put a spoonful in a bowl of aloe juice, 3 spoons of cucumber juice, 2 tablespoons sugar, stirring and mixing them well together again.
3. Add 5 spoons of flour or oat flour to the mixture to prepare a paste.
Usage: aloe moisturizer apply to the face and avoiding eyes and mouth. In the deposition process, the facial muscles remain intact, wash with warm water after 40-50 minutes, insist 1-2 times a week, the skin can play a good cosmetic effect.
Third, aloe lotion
The aloe blade clean, mashed, with gauze filter out the juice, then add water, you can replace the lotion directly applied to the face, then gently pat until absorbed. After makeup, this can also be coated with lotion, may be effective against loose skin, large pores and other issues.
Fourth, aloe bath oil
The aloe leaves 2-3 tablets ground into a paste, put Ru Shabu bags, placed directly in the bath tub. Aloe directly into the hot water, allowing the active ingredients of aloe can all be dissolved in water, which makes the skin more quickly absorbed. Let rough skin and restore white complexion, eliminate blemishes on the body.
Fifth, aloe balm
In terms of aloe with honey, applied to the lips, to prevent and cure the lips rough, dry. Lip skin to absorb nutrition, strengthen the blood circulation, there will be a bloody lip, and moist and resilient, the effect is very significant.
Sixth, Aloe Acne
Long face acne face only affects the appearance, but also make us feel very bad, then we can try to remove the acne with aloe vera. After squeezing fresh aloe leaf juice, and diluted with water, and some adjustment of the concentration of juice. Apply in facial acne where malignant acne, can be affixed to the affected area before going to sleep to the mesophyll, adhere to a few days of acne will be significantly reduced.
Seven, aloe vera hand lotion
Six: the direct use of fresh aloe vera juice used to smear and dry hands or wash their hands with aloe vera juice is very effective guard for the fall, sooner or later insist on the use of aloe vera juice smear hand, this will make our hands to maintain the best condition.

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