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Office lady How moisturize?

Number of visits: Date:2016-05-25
Often stay in the office of women, the skin is more easily lost moisture, causing dry skin peeling, then the Office of the women how to do moisturize it?
Women office workers in the office air conditioning hot and dry, dry conditions coupled with hot and cold toss, exacerbated by the loss of skin moisture, so they often feel tight skin, redness, or peeling, off chips and the like.
No choice but to quickly remedy:
1, able to do so, put the desk near an electronic humidifier, supplement the shortage of moisture in the air.
2, prepare a bottle of moisturizing spray for the skin. Spring water spray good Soothing, sedative effect, but water, not moisturizing, soothing after a brief, dry skin will still need to constantly fill spray. Relatively speaking, the added moisturizing spray hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, rose water and other ingredients, so some more lasting moisturizing effect.
3, in the office prepare a basic skin care products, every day at noon, or feel the skin dry, wash away, or press with a wet towel to his face dust, make up moisturizing lotion, moisturizing creams and sunscreen products, skin care can be used sooner or later be omitted many of essence. If you are ready to work overtime at night, during the day even more should be added to a "moisture meals."
4, a lot of water. This is despite some being slow, but skin deep water, after all, have to rely on water to add.
5, if the feeling of dry skin in the office during the day, night, be sure to apply moisturizing mask and eye mask.
6. Do not smoke. Office temperature is higher, air conditioning may not be completely dictates, but also because in a closed environment in order to increase the percentage of carbon dioxide after oxygen, the indoor temperature increased. And smoking will further lead to inadequate supply of Oxygen and oxygen cells, exacerbating the skin dry and dull.
Help the skin replenishment of fast food
1: cucumber
Cucumber moisturizing effect is the best, I believe many people know, is the easiest way is to put cucumber juice can be squeezed into attaining water is very effective, can also be used as make-up water use, can calm the skin, anti-inflammatory whitening.
2: Broccoli
Broccoli is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and carotenoids, can enhance the ability of the skin against damage, water can eat, but also helps to keep your skin elasticity.
3: lettuce
Lettuce has astringent, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effect, after the lettuce juice attaining, your skin will be water and tender, there is a usage that is diluted as lotion, make your skin pores firming, nourishing the skin.
4: Celery
Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, activating skin is celery effect, you want your skin aging is not easy, it would have to be used to attaining eat celery, and celery juice, add a little water can be used as make-up water use, water , aging correct.
5: tomatoes
Replenishment of the food certainly missed tomatoes, lycopene contained in tomatoes helps to flatten the new wrinkles, so make your skin look more moist and smooth. Experiments show that eat tomatoes, not prone to dark circles, but also the effectiveness of sunscreen .

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