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Eye Care will Mistakes

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Many people know the beauty, skin care eye skin is the focus, if improper care, it is easy to aging. There are many eye care, wherein there are really false. There are some errors in the eye care, your vigilance is required. The following detailed description of some eye care errors.
Eye Care Myth # 1: "Only in the corner using the cream."
Because facial wrinkles first appeared in the corner of three crow's feet, so it is often used to massage the cream in the corner with vertical wrinkles, this is right. But the first relaxation of facial aging region is below the eye and on the eyelid, this area is no aging wrinkles visible, but more vulnerable. The correct way is to use eye cream in the corner of the eye along the upper eyelid and lower eyelid do circular massage, so that the skin is completely absorbed.
Eye Care Myth # 2: "with the need to add cream massage, maintaining the status quo."
This view is really wrong fact is this:! Each massage cream and massage time are not the same. Such as for dark circles eye cream massage to promote lymph circulation, massage and moisturizing cream aims to promote absorption method is certainly different. Wrinkles are skin against the direction of growth produces, so when you massage the skin will grow along the grain, otherwise it can only help, "wrinkle" for the child.
Eye Care Myth # 3: "Firming Cream are the same?"
Many women know the importance of compact eye cream, it is often to the cosmetics counter, pick one quality packaging, the price is satisfactory left. Wait a minute! Today Firming Cream variety, for different eye problems, age and personal circumstances and design. Therefore, you should carefully read the instructions, understand their eye problems and seasonal factors, demand to buy.
Eye Care Myth # 4: "Eye Care eye cream or eye cream just enough."
NO! Relationship eye cream and eye cream like underwear and outerwear, underwear just is not not go out, if you are Lady Gaga words. After using the eye cream reason be sure to use eye cream not refuse Lady Gaga, but the essence in order to lock in nutrients.
The correct order of use is the eye cream, eye cream and eye mask. After cleaning the skin, first with the eye cream, eye mask can promote the absorption of nutrients. Mask does not require rinsing after wash, massage absorbed directly applied cream, cream and eye cream to lock in nutrients. It should be noted that there is little toner can be used in the eye, so generally do not use the toner in eye care.
These eye care Mistakes, if you blindly use, not only can not conserve a healthy skin, may also damage your skin healthy. Therefore, the delicate skin of the eye, we need to understand and master the proper maintenance of the local law. In short, the right way of skin care, eye skin becomes more healthy.

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